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Sunfish Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, the Sunfish stands as a frequent and easy-to-catch river dweller, welcoming players of all skill levels. Found in the serene rivers during the Spring and Summer seasons, the Sunfish adds excitement to every fishing expedition. It thrives under the sun’s warmth and the touch of a gentle breeze, making it a delightful challenge for eager anglers. Once caught, players can explore various paths – from selling it for gold to creating mouthwatering dishes in the kitchen. Whether gifting Sunfish to villagers or adding to their collections, players uncover a world of possibilities with this versatile fish in charming Stardew Valley. The Sunfish offers a treasure trove of opportunities, from fostering friendships to enriching fishing experiences in the game.

Sunfish General Information

SunfishA common and easy to catch fish in Stardew Valley.
Time6 AM to 7 PM
GiftingAlmost avoided
Size (in inches)5–16
Fishing XP13–16–19–25
Base Sell Prices30g–37g–45g–60g
Fisher Sell Prices37g–46g–56g–75g
Angler Sell Prices45g–55g–67g–90g
Artisan Sell Prices45g–90g–126g

What Is Sunfish Stardew Valley?

The Sunfish in Stardew Valley is a common river fish, considered one of the easiest to catch with a difficulty score of 30 Mixed. It ranges in size from five to sixteen inches. Players must find and catch a Sunfish to complete their fishing and cooking catalogs. This fish can be found in the river during Spring and Summer, primarily on sunny days or when it’s windy.

It’s essential for completing Bundles at the Fish Tank in the Community Center, but it doesn’t fetch a high selling price. Despite its common status, the Sunfish remains a valuable catch for aspiring anglers and chefs alike. Landing a Sunfish will be a rewarding addition to your collection, bringing you closer to mastering the diverse aquatic life of the valley.

Uses /Benefits of Sunfish Stardew

Utilizing The Sunfish

  • Selling the Sunfish for Gold.
  • Cooking with Sunfish in various recipes.
  • Gifting the Sunfish to villagers.

Selling Price

  • Base price of Sunfish is 30 Gold.
  • The sale price varies with star quality and fishing level upgrades.

Cooking Recipes

  • Baked Fish requires Sunfish as an ingredient.
  • Sunfish can be used in recipes that accept any fish, like Maki Roll and Sashimi.
  • It’s also useful for creating Quality Fertilizer.

Community Center

  • Players need to donate a Sunfish to the Community Center in the base game.

Fishing Pond Benefits

  • In a Fishing Pond, Sunfish can produce Roe or Solar Essence once 10 are collected.


  • Sunfish can be used at a Sewing Machine to create a Fish Shirt.

Quests & Traveling Cart

  • Demetrius or Willy may request a Sunfish for quests on the bulletin board.
  • Sunfish can also be purchased from the Traveling Cart on Fridays and Sundays.

Stardew Valley Sunfish As A Gift

Neutral For

  • Demetrius
  • Elliott
  • Leo
  • Linus
  • Pam
  • Sebastian
  • Willy

Dislike For

  • Abigail
  • Alex
  • Caroline
  • Clint
  • Dwarf
  • Emily
  • George
  • Gus
  • Harvey
  • Jas
  • Jodi
  • Kent
  • Krobus
  • Leah
  • Lewis
  • Marnie
  • Maru
  • Penny
  • Robin
  • Sam
  • Sandy
  • Shane
  • Vincent
  • Wizard

Hate For

  • Evelyn
  • Haley
  • Pierre

When And Where To Catch Sunfish Stardew Valley?

WhereTo Catch Sunfish Stardew?

  • The river (in Pelican Town or Cindersap Forest) is the Sunfish Stardew Valley Location.

Where To Find Sunfish Stardew?

  • You can find Sunfish Stardew Valley in Garbage Cans during the Spring and Summer season.

Where To Get Sunfish Stardew Valley?

  • You can get a Stardew Valley Sunfish at the Travelling Cart for 100-1000g.

Sunfish in Stardew Valley can be easily caught in the river during Spring and Summer, specifically during sunny weather or windy days. Stardew Valley Sunfish Location includes the rivers of Pelican Town and Cindersap Forest, and on the Riverlands Farm, Wilderness Farm, and Hill-top Farm layouts. To catch a Sunfish, players don’t necessarily need Magic Bait, as they are naturally abundant in these areas during the specified seasons and times.

However, for those who prefer more flexibility, Magic Bait allows players to catch Sunfish at any time of the year, regardless of the weather conditions. Moreover, Sunfish can occasionally be obtained from other sources, such as the Traveling Cart, where they are available for a price ranging from 100g to 1,000g. Additionally, players might stumble upon Sunfish while rummaging through garbage cans during Spring and Summer, though this action could result in decreased affinity levels with NPCs who witness the act.

How To Catch Sunfish Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, fishing is a popular and rewarding activity. One of the fish you can catch is the Sunfish, known for its preference for sunny weather. If you’re curious about how to catch this delightful fish, read on to discover the best methods and Stardew Sunfish Location.

How To Catch Sunfish Stardew?

  • To catch a Sunfish, use a fishing rod and any type of bait (regular, wild, or Magic Bait).
  • Bait increases the chances of getting a bite and makes catching Sunfish easier.
  • When a Sunfish bites, play the fishing mini-game to reel it in.
  • Keep the green bar behind the moving fish icon by pressing and holding the mouse button or controller button.
  • Successfully keep the bar behind the fish to catch it and add it to your collection.
  • Sunfish prefer sunny conditions and can be caught in Spring and Summer.
  • It’s available from 6 AM to 7 PM and during windy days.
  • Magic Bait allows catching Sunfish at any time, regardless of weather or season.
  • If Sunfish was the first fish caught with the Bamboo Pole, it may appear in other map areas.

Stardew Valley Sunfish Dishes

Recipe SourceSell Price
Baked FishHerbed fish, baked to perfection.Sunfish (1)
Bream (1)
Wheat Flour (1)
Get “The Queen of Sauce” in Year 1 Summer 7.100g
Maki RollA delectable combination of fish and rice wrapped in seaweed.Sunfish (1)
Rice (1)
Seaweed (1)
Get “The Queen of Sauce” in Year 1 Summer 21, at Stardrop Saloon for 300g.220g
Quality FertilizerEnhances the fertility of the soil, boosting the likelihood of cultivating high-quality crops. Simply blend it into the tilled soil.Sunfish (1)
Sap (2)
N/AFarming of Level 9.10g
SashimiRaw fish in thin slices.Sunfish (1)75
Get it in a Mail after achieving a three-hearts event with Linus.75g

Sunfish Stardew Valley Quests

In the quaint world of Stardew Valley, fishing enthusiasts and adventure seekers have the opportunity to take on exciting quests involving the Sunfish. From delivering the prized catch to fulfilling fishing challenges, these quests offer rewards and opportunities to deepen your connections with the villagers. Dive into the waters of Pelican Town and discover the various quests revolving around this common river fish.

  • Item Delivery: Random requests for one Sunfish may appear on the “Help Wanted” board outside Pierre’s General Store during Spring or Summer. Completing this task rewards you with 90g and 150 Friendship points.
  • Fishing Challenge: Demetrius or Willy might ask for 1-4 Sunfish on the “Help Wanted” board. Catch and deliver the fish to receive 30g per fish as a reward. You get to keep the Sunfish you catch.
  • Aquatic Overpopulation: Demetrius may seek your help in catching 10 Sunfish during Spring. The Special Orders board outside the Mayor’s Manor hosts this quest. Completing it earns you gold equivalent to selling the fish and the Farm Computer recipe.

Stardew Valley Sunfish ID [145]

The Sunfish in Stardew Valley is a common and easily obtainable river fish, widely recognized for its simplicity in catching with a difficulty score of 30 Mixed. This quick guide explores the Sunfish’s unique Item ID [145] and how players can utilize it to spawn this fish in the game. Read on to discover the fascinating world of Sunfish Item ID in Stardew Valley.

Spawning Sunfish in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, players can spawn items using a cheat method, but it does not involve traditional commands. Instead, you must set your character’s name, or the name of an animal, to the item code of the item you wish to spawn, enclosed within brackets [ ].

Method 1: Spawn Using Animal Name

  • Visit Marnie’s Ranch and purchase an animal (e.g., a chicken).
  • Name the animal [145] and confirm.
  • You will receive the Sunfish item as a result.

Method 2: Spawn Using Character Name

  • Note: You can only set your character’s name once, at the start of the game during world creation.
  • If you choose this method, set your character’s name to [145] when creating your save.
  • Whenever your name is referenced in the game’s dialogue (e.g., Gus at the Stardrop Saloon), you will be given the Sunfish item.

Spawning Multiple Sunfish Stardew

To generate multiple Sunfish items, you can repeatedly interact with Gus at the Stardrop Saloon on any Monday. On the first interaction, he will welcome you with your full name, and for the rest of the day, you can continuously interact with him to receive more Sunfish items associated with your name. This can be an efficient way to accumulate a large number of Sunfish items.

Important Note: Using item spawning cheats can be fun for experimentation or testing purposes. But it’s essential to exercise restraint and not abuse these cheats excessively, as it may affect the enjoyment and balance of the game.

Stardew Valley Sunfish Pond

In the scenic world of Stardew Valley, creating a Fish Pond can be a rewarding venture, especially when stocking it with the lively Sunfish. The Sunfish Pond allows these river-dwelling creatures to thrive and reproduce, providing valuable resources for players to enjoy. Let’s explore the wonders of the Sunfish Pond, from its initial capacity to the bountiful rewards it offers as the population grows.

Creating The Sunfish Stardew Valley Pond

  • Sunfish can be placed in a Fish Pond, where they will reproduce every day.
  • The initial pond capacity is 3 fish, allowing players to begin their aquatic endeavor with a modest start.
  • As players progress, they have the opportunity to increase the pond’s capacity up to 10 fish, creating a bustling habitat for the Sunfish.

Quests To Expand The Pond Capacity

  • Before the quest, the pond capacity stands at 3.
  • To increase the capacity to 5, players can complete the “Fish Pond Capacity” quest by offering either 2 Acorns or 2 Geodes.
  • Upon finishing the “Fish Pond Capacity” quest, the pond’s capacity will grow to 5, accommodating more Sunfish.

Greater Pond Capacity & Rewards

  • To further boost the capacity to a maximum of 10, players can undertake the “More Fish” quest, requiring either 1 Amethyst or 3 Mixed Seeds as offerings.
  • Upon completing the “More Fish” quest, the Sunfish Pond’s capacity will expand to 10, fostering a thriving population of Sunfish.
  • As the Sunfish population grows to 10, the primary output from the pond becomes orange Sunfish Roe, a valuable resource used in various crafting recipes.
  • Additionally, Solar Essence may also be obtained at a population of 10, adding an extra dimension of rewards to the pond’s bountiful offerings.

The Stardew Sunfish Pond’s Abundance

  • The Sunfish Pond serves as a reliable source of Sunfish Roe and Solar Essence, providing players with valuable resources for crafting and other purposes.
  • With careful management and attention to the pond’s population, players can maximize the benefits of their aquatic haven.


Sunfish in Stardew Valley proves to be a delightful and accessible river treasure, captivating players with its ease of catch and versatile uses. Whether selling it for gold, cooking delicious dishes, or gifting it to villagers, the Sunfish adds excitement to fishing adventures and fosters connections in the picturesque world of Stardew Valley. Embracing the joy of fishing and exploration, players uncover endless possibilities with this charming and valuable fish, making it an essential part of their journey in the bountiful valley.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Sunfish Stardew Valley?

Sunfish can be found in the rivers of Pelican Town and Cindersap Forest in Stardew Valley during the Spring and Summer seasons.

Where to find Sunfish Stardew Valley?

Sunfish can be found in the river (in Pelican Town or Cindersap Forest) during Spring and Summer, particularly on sunny days or when it’s windy. Additionally, they may also be caught on the Riverlands Farm, Forest Farm, or Hill-top Farm layouts.

How to get Sunfish Stardew Valley?

To get Sunfish in Stardew Valley, use a fishing rod to catch it in the river during Spring and Summer, especially on sunny or windy days. It can also be caught on certain farm layouts and occasionally found in garbage cans during Spring and Summer.

What to do with Sunfish Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, you can sell Sunfish for gold, cook with it to make recipes like Baked Fish, Maki Roll, Sashimi, and Quality Fertilizer. Additionally, you can use Sunfish in a Fish Pond to produce Roe or Solar Essence, or at a Sewing Machine to craft a Fish Shirt.

When to catch Sunfish Stardew Valley?

You can catch Sunfish in Stardew Valley during the Spring and Summer seasons, specifically from 6 AM to 7 PM.

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