Stardew Valley Willy

Stardew Valley Willy: Know Everything About Him

Stardew Valley Willy

Stardew Valley Willy is a well-known character in this popular farming simulation game. He is the friendly and knowledgeable owner of the local fishing shop, located on the beach south of the player’s farm. Willy offers players a unique fishing experience and a chance to explore new areas of the game. He is a popular character among players for his kind personality, love of fishing, and unique role in the game. In this article, we will take a closer look at Willy’s character, relationships, schedule, and more.

Willy General Information

Willy, a rugged and weathered fisherman, stands tall with broad shoulders and a wiry build. His deep-set eyes gleam with a glint of adventure, and his salt-and-pepper beard adds to his rugged charm. He has a gruff voice, but a warm and friendly demeanor that draws people to him. Willy’s rough exterior belies his kind and generous heart, always willing to lend a hand to those in need. He’s a master of his craft, possessing a wealth of knowledge about the sea and its creatures. Though he may not be interested in romance, Willy is a loyal and dependable friend to all who cross his path.

Stardew Valley Willy’s Family & Relationships

Willy, the seasoned fisherman in Stardew Valley APK, comes from a long line of seafarers. His family history is deeply intertwined with the ocean, and their legacy has left an indelible mark on the town’s fishing industry. Here’s a closer look at his family and relationships:

Early Life

Willy was born and raised in a small fishing village on the coast. His parents, both fishermen, instilled in him a love and respect for the sea. Willy spent most of his childhood by the water, learning the art of fishing and developing an intimate understanding of the ocean’s ebbs and flows.

Family Legacy

Willy’s ancestors were among the first settlers in the area, and they quickly realized the potential of the abundant fish stocks in the nearby waters. They passed down their knowledge and expertise to future generations, cementing their family’s reputation as skilled and knowledgeable fishermen.

Friendship With The Player

As the player character, you have the opportunity to become close friends with Willy. He’s always happy to share his knowledge and expertise with you, giving you tips on fishing and even rewarding you with special items for your catches. He also opens up about his life and family, showing a more vulnerable side to his tough exterior.

Respect For Lewis

Willy has great respect for Mayor Lewis, who he views as a fellow leader in the community. The two share a passion for improving the town’s economy and working together to create a thriving fishing industry. Willy often seeks Lewis’ advice and guidance on important matters.

Mentorship of Linus

Willy has taken Linus, the homeless resident of Stardew Valley, under his wing. He sees potential in Linus as a fisherman and has taught him valuable skills and techniques. Willy also regularly gives Linus fish and other resources to help him survive.

Friendly Rivalry With Gus

Willy has a friendly rivalry with Gus, the owner of the Stardrop Saloon. While they have different approaches to business, they both recognize the importance of a strong fishing industry for the town’s economy. They often banter and compete with each other, but there’s a mutual respect and admiration underneath it all.

Stardew Valley Willy Schedule: Daily


  • 6:00 AM: Wake up and leave his house
  • 7:00 AM: Arrive at the beach and begin fishing
  • 12:00 PM: Stop fishing and head to the Fish Shop
  • 1:00 PM: Return to the beach and continue fishing
  • 6:00 PM: Finish fishing and head back to his house


  • 6:00 AM: Wake up and leave his house
  • 7:00 AM: Arrive at the beach and begin fishing
  • 10:00 AM: Stop fishing and head to the Fish Shop
  • 12:00 PM: Return to the beach and continue fishing
  • 5:00 PM: Finish fishing and head back to his house

Stardew Valley Willy Schedule: Yearly


  • Attends the Egg Festival on the 13th
  • Hosts the Fishing Contest on the 17th
  • May attend the Flower Dance on the 24th


  • Attends the Luau on the 11th
  • May attend the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies on the 28th


  • Attends the Stardew Valley Fair on the 16th
  • Hosts the Night Market on the 15th-17th
  • May attend the Spirit’s Eve Festival on the 27th


  • Hosts the Ice Fishing Contest on the 8th
  • May attend the Festival of Ice on the 20th-21st
  • May attend the Feast of the Winter Star on the 25th

Please Note: Willy’s schedule may change depending on weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. He may also attend other town events or meetings throughout the year.

Stardew Valley Willy Saturday

Willy’s Saturdays in Stardew Valley are a little different than his weekdays. Here’s a closer look at what a typical Saturday might look like for him:

Morning Fishing

As usual, Willy wakes up early and heads straight to the beach to begin fishing. He arrives around 7:00 AM and spends a few hours casting his line into the water, hoping to catch some of the rarer fish that are only available during the summer months.

Break For The Fish Shop

Around 10:00 AM, Willy takes a break from fishing and heads back to his shop to restock on bait and tackle. He may also chat with customers or offer advice on the best places to fish that day.

Afternoon Fishing

After a brief break, Willy returns to the beach to continue his fishing for the day. He spends several more hours casting his line and reeling in fish, occasionally taking a break to stretch his legs or enjoy the scenery.

Evening Wind-Down

Around 5:00 PM, Willy finishes up his fishing for the day and begins to wind down. He may spend some time tending to his garden or chatting with other residents around town. He may also attend any town events or meetings that are scheduled for that day.

Willy Stardew Valley Location Guide

The Beach

Willy’s primary location is the beach, where he spends most of his days fishing. He can be found near the water, standing on a pier or on the sand, using his fishing pole to catch various types of fish. He’s always happy to offer advice to other fishermen or sell his catches at his shop.

The Fish Shop

Willy’s Fish Shop is located on the beach, near the entrance to the pier. Here, he sells a variety of fish and fishing-related items, including bait and tackle. He also buys fish from other fishermen, making it a great place to sell your own catches.

Stardew Valley Willy House

Willy’s home is located on the southern edge of the town, just west of the beach. While he’s not always at home, you can occasionally find him there during the evenings or on days when he’s not fishing. His house is decorated with fishing-related items and has a cozy, rustic feel.

Other Stardew Valley Willy Locations

While Willy can often be found in the locations mentioned above, he may also attend town events or meetings throughout the year. He’s a respected member of the community and may be seen chatting with other residents or participating in community activities.

Stardew Valley Willy Gifts


  • Catfish
  • Diamond
  • Iridium Bar
  • Mead
  • Octopus
  • Pumpkin
  • Sea Cucumber
  • Sturgeon
  • All the Universal Loves


  • Gold Bar
  • Quartz
  • Lingcod
  • Tiger Trout
  • Baked fish
  • Carp surprise
  • Chowder
  • Crab cakes
  • Crispy Bass
  • Fish Stew
  • Fish Taco
  • Fried Calamari
  • Fried Eel
  • Lobster Bisque
  • Salmon Dinner
  • Seafoam Pudding
  • Trout Soup


  • Dish of the Sea
  • Maki Roll
  • Sashimi
  • All Universal Neutrals
  • All Eggs (except Void Egg)
  • AllFish (except Carp, Catfish, Lingcod, Octopus, Sea Cucumber, Snail, Sturgeon, & Tiger Trout)
  • All Fruit (except Fruit Tree Fruit & Salmonberry)
  • All Milk


  • Chanterelle
  • Common Mushroom
  • Daffodil
  • Dandelion
  • Hazelnut
  • Holly
  • Leek
  • Life Elixir
  • Morel
  • Purple Mushroom
  • Salmonberry
  • Snow yam
  • Wild Horseradish
  • Winter Root


  • All Universal Hates

Willy Stardew Valley Heart Events

Three Hearts: Stardew Valley Willy’s Shop

At three hearts, players will receive a letter in the mail inviting them to visit Willy’s shop after 5:00 PM. There, he’ll teach the player how to build a crab pot and gift them with their first one.

Six Hearts: Stardew Valley Willy’s House

At six hearts, players will receive a letter inviting them to Willy’s house for a special event. When they arrive, they’ll discover that Willy has set up a telescope on his roof, allowing them to stargaze together and learn more about Willy’s love of astronomy.

Eight Hearts: Stardew Valley Willy’s Gift

At eight hearts, players will receive a letter from Willy inviting them to the beach after 7:00 PM. There, he’ll give the player a special gift – a Dressed Spinner – to thank them for their friendship and support.

Ten Hearts: Stardew Valley Willy’s Heartfelt Confession

At ten hearts, players will receive a letter from Willy inviting them to the beach after 8:00 PM. There, he’ll share his love of fishing and the ocean, and will express his deep gratitude for the player’s friendship. This event marks the culmination of the player’s relationship with Willy, and is a touching moment for both characters.

Stardew Valley Willy Boat

Willy’s boat is one of the most unique features of Stardew Valley’s beach area. Here’s a closer look at what players can expect when they explore the boat:

Stardew Valley Willy Boat Location

Willy’s boat is located at the western end of the beach area, near the docks. It can be accessed by walking down the beach, or by taking a shortcut through the town’s bus stop area.


The boat is a small, one-room structure that Willy uses to store his fishing supplies and tools. Inside, players will find a variety of fishing-related items, including bait, tackle, and fishing poles. There’s also a small bed in the corner, where Willy can rest between fishing trips.

Special Features

One of the most notable features of Willy’s boat is the crab pot that sits on the deck. Players can use this crab pot to catch crabs and other sea creatures, adding a new dimension to their fishing adventures. Additionally, players can sometimes find special items hidden around the boat, such as rare fish or valuable treasures.

Stardew Valley Willy Boat Repair

As players explore the world of Stardew Valley, they may discover that Willy’s boat is in need of repair. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to fix the boat and restore it to its former glory:

Step 1: Gather Materials

Before players can begin repairing the boat, they’ll need to gather a variety of materials. These include:

  • Hardwood (200 pieces)
  • Iron Bar (5 pieces)
  • Refined Quartz (5 pieces)

Step 2: Speak To Willy Stardew Valley

Once players have gathered the necessary materials, they’ll need to speak to Willy to trigger the boat repair event. This event will only trigger once players have reached at least two hearts with Willy.

Step 3: Repair The Boat

During the boat repair event, players will need to use their materials to repair the various parts of the boat. This includes the hull, the mast, and the anchor. Players can use the materials to interact with the different parts of the boat and repair them one at a time.

Step 4: Complete The Repair

Once players have repaired all the necessary parts of the boat, they’ll need to speak to Willy to complete the repair. Willy will express his gratitude and invite players to take the boat out for a spin.

Step 5: Enjoy The Stardew Valley Willy Boat

With the boat repaired, players can now use it to explore the waters around Stardew Valley. They can use the boat to catch rare fish, explore hidden coves, and discover new areas of the game. It’s a fun and rewarding addition to the game that adds a new dimension to players’ farming and fishing adventures.

Stardew Valley Willy Locked Door

Players of Stardew Valley may have noticed that Willy, the friendly fisherman, has a locked door in his shop. Many have wondered what’s behind the door and how to unlock it. Here’s what we know:

The Mystery of Willy’s Locked Door

Willy’s locked door has been a mystery in Stardew Valley since the game’s release. Many players have speculated that there may be a secret room or special item hidden behind the door.

The Truth About Willy’s Locked Door

However, the truth about Willy’s locked door is a bit less exciting. The door is actually just a decorative element of Willy’s shop and cannot be unlocked. There is no secret room or special item hidden behind the door.

Why The Locked Door?

So, why does Willy have a locked door in his shop if there’s nothing behind it? The answer is simple: it adds to the atmosphere and charm of the game. The locked door gives players a sense of mystery and intrigue, making Willy’s shop feel like a real place with secrets waiting to be discovered.

Stardew Valley Willy Missing

Willy, the friendly fisherman in Stardew Valley, is an important character in the game. However, sometimes players may discover that he’s gone missing. Here’s what to do if Willy disappears:

Step 1: Check Willy Stardew Valley Usual Locations

The first step to finding Willy is to check his usual locations. This includes his fishing shop, the docks, and his boat. Players can also check his home in case he’s resting there.

Step 2: Talk To Other Stardew Valley Characters

If Willy is still missing, players should talk to other characters in the game to see if they have any information. This includes other villagers, as well as Willy’s close friends like Robin and Demetrius.

Step 3: Wait A Few Days

Sometimes Willy may be gone for a few days, especially if it’s during a special event like the Luau or the Stardew Valley Fair. Players should wait a few days in-game to see if Willy returns on his own.

Step 4: Trigger A New Event

If Willy is still missing after a few days, players may need to trigger a new event to bring him back. This could be something like completing a certain quest or reaching a certain level of friendship with him.

Step 5: Check For Bugs/Glitches

If all else fails, players may want to check for bugs or glitches in the game that may be causing Willy to disappear. They can try restarting the game or contacting the game’s developers for support.

How To Help Willy Stardew Valley

Purchase Fish From Willy Stardew Valley

One of the easiest ways to help Willy is by purchasing fish from him. Not only will this help support his business, but it will also give you the opportunity to complete fishing-related quests and increase your fishing skill.

Complete Stardew Valley Willy’s Fishing Quests

Speaking of quests, Willy often gives fishing-related quests that can earn you rewards and increase your relationship with him. Completing these quests is a great way to help Willy out and strengthen your own gameplay.

Donate Fish To The Community Center

The Community Center in Stardew Valley has several fish-related bundles that require specific types of fish to be donated. By donating fish to these bundles, you’ll not only help restore the Community Center but also help Willy out indirectly, as he’s a member of the Fisherman’s Guild that benefits from the restoration.

Help Repair Stardew Valley Willy’s Boat

Players can help repair Willy’s boat by collecting the necessary materials and bringing them to him. The repairs can be completed in stages, with each stage requiring more materials. Once the repairs are complete, players can access new fishing areas and unlock a new cutscene with Willy.

Give Willy Stardew Valley Gifts

Like all characters in Stardew Valley, Willy has his own likes and dislikes when it comes to gifts. Giving him his favorite gifts will increase your relationship with him and make him more likely to give you special items and quests.


Willy Stardew Valley is a beloved character in Stardew Valley that offers players a unique fishing experience and a chance to explore new areas. His friendly personality and passion for fishing make him an easy character to love, and his heart events and cutscenes add a level of depth to his character that players can appreciate. By helping Willy repair his boat, completing his quests, and giving him gifts, players can strengthen their relationship with him and enjoy all the rewards that come with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Willy Stardew Valley?

Willy can be found in his fishing shop on the beach, south of the player’s farm in Stardew Valley. His shop is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day except for Wednesdays. Players can interact with Willy to purchase fishing supplies, complete fishing-related quests, and learn more about the fishing mechanics in the game.

What to gift Willy Stardew Valley?

Players can gift Willy items that he likes, such as squid, lobster, and all kinds of fish. Giving best gifts for willy stardew valley will increase his friendship level and make him more likely to offer quests and rewards. Players can also check his social tab in their inventory to see what gifts he likes and dislikes.

What are Willy’s favorite gifts?

Catfish, Diamond, Iridium Bar, Mead, Octopus, Pumpkin, and Sea Cucumber are Willy’s favorite gifts.

What do you get for befriending Willy Stardew Valley?

Befriending Willy in Stardew Valley will unlock various benefits, including access to new fishing tackle, recipes, and occasional gifts.

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