Stardew Valley Robin: Know Her Likes, Gifts And More

Stardew Valley Robin: Know Her Likes, Gifts And More

July 9, 2023 0 By S@hib
Stardew Valley Robin

Stardew Valley Robin is a significant character, playing a crucial role in the player’s journey to develop their farm and create a thriving community. As the town’s carpenter, Robin provides vital services such as upgrading tools, building essential structures, and selling unique items. With her welcoming personality and strong relationships with other villagers, Robin is an integral part of the game’s world. In this article, we will explore Robin’s backstory, personality, relationships, and role in the game’s mechanics, shedding light on why she is such an important character to the Stardew Valley APK experience.

Robin General Information

Robin, the skilled carpenter in Stardew Valley, stands tall with her sturdy build and short brown hair. Her calloused hands show her dedication to her craft, while her bright blue eyes sparkle with intelligence and kindness. She exudes an air of confidence and competence that draws others to her, and her warm smile puts them at ease. Robin is not one to shy away from hard work, often taking on challenging projects with enthusiasm and determination. She is a skilled listener, always ready to lend a sympathetic ear or offer practical advice. Her unwavering passion for carpentry, coupled with her charming personality, make her a beloved member of the community.

Stardew Valley Robin’s Family

Robin, the skilled carpenter in Stardew Valley, comes from a family of hardworking craftsmen. Her parents, Demetrius and Robin, instilled in her a love for carpentry from a young age, and her half-brother Sebastian inherited the same passion. Her warm personality, intelligence, and dedication have earned her the respect and friendship of many of the valley’s residents.

Growing Up In The Carpenter Household

As a child, Robin was fascinated by her father’s work as a scientist and her mother’s skill in carpentry. She spent many hours in their workshop, learning the craft of woodworking and tinkering with her own projects. Her parents encouraged her curiosity and creativity, providing her with the tools and resources to pursue her interests.

Stardew Valley Robin’s Half-Brother: Sebastian

Robin’s half-brother, Sebastian, shares her love for carpentry but has taken a different path in life. He prefers to work alone and spends much of his time exploring the caves and mountains around Stardew Valley. Despite their different personalities and interests, Robin and Sebastian share a deep bond and support each other in their respective endeavors.

Meet Stardew Valley Robin’s Husband: Demetrius

Robin’s husband, Demetrius, is a well-respected scientist who works at the local laboratory. He is a devoted father to their two children, Maru and Sebastian, and often collaborates with Robin on carpentry projects. Together, they have built a warm and loving home that reflects their shared values of hard work, dedication, and innovation.

Stardew Valley Robin’s Children

Robin’s daughter, Maru, is a talented inventor who takes after her father in her love for science. She often helps her mother in the carpentry shop, using her engineering skills to create new tools and gadgets. Sebastian, the youngest of the family, is still finding his way but has shown an interest in carpentry and exploration like his half-brother.

Stardew Valley Robin’s Relationships

Friendship With Mayor Lewis

Robin and Mayor Lewis share a close friendship that goes back many years. As two of the most respected members of the community, they often collaborate on projects that benefit the valley. Robin has even helped Lewis with carpentry work in his own home, earning his gratitude and trust.

Supporting Abigail

Abigail, the adventurous daughter of Robin’s friend Pierre, has always had a passion for the unknown. Robin has taken Abigail under her wing, teaching her carpentry skills and encouraging her curiosity. The two have built a close bond, with Robin seeing herself in the young Abigail and doing her best to support her dreams.

Lending A Listening Ear To Clint

Clint, the village blacksmith, has had a difficult time finding love in Stardew Valley. He often confides in Robin, who is a skilled listener and offers practical advice. Her empathy and kindness have helped Clint through some tough times and earned her a loyal friend.

Helping Out Marnie

Marnie, the local rancher, often needs help with repairs around her farm. Robin is always ready to lend a hand, providing her with expert carpentry skills and knowledge. The two have built a strong friendship over the years, with Marnie valuing Robin’s expertise and generosity.

Stardew Valley Robin Schedule

Morning Routine

Robin typically wakes up early to tend to her daily tasks. She begins by watering her crops and feeding her animals before heading to the carpentry shop to start her workday. She often prepares a hearty breakfast for her family, using fresh ingredients from her farm.

Carpentry Shop Work

Robin’s carpentry shop is the hub of her workday. Here, she takes on a variety of projects, from furniture repairs to new constructions. She greets her customers with a friendly smile and works diligently to complete their requests. Robin’s carpentry skills are unmatched in the valley, and her shop is a popular destination for both locals and visitors.

Lunch Break

Around noon, Robin takes a break from her carpentry work to enjoy a leisurely lunch with her family. She often prepares a meal with fresh ingredients from her farm or picks up something from the Stardrop Saloon. During this time, she catches up with her husband and children and shares stories from her morning work.

Community Events

Robin is an active member of the Stardew Valley community and often participates in events and festivals. She takes breaks from her work to attend events like the Luau or the Stardew Valley Fair, where she socializes with her fellow residents and enjoys the festivities.

Afternoon Carpentry Work

After lunch, Robin returns to her carpentry shop to continue her projects. She often collaborates with her husband, Demetrius, on projects that require both carpentry and scientific expertise. Robin works diligently until late afternoon, when she starts to wind down for the day.

Evening Routine

In the evening, Robin spends time with her family, cooking dinner, and enjoying each other’s company. She often helps her children with their homework or plays games with them. After a long day of work and community involvement, Robin enjoys relaxing at home with her loved ones.

Stardew Valley Robin Location

Carpentry Shop

Robin’s carpentry shop is the hub of her professional life. It is located in the northeast section of Pelican Town, across the bridge from the Blacksmith. Here, she takes on a variety of carpentry projects, ranging from furniture repairs to home renovations. You can find Robin in her shop during regular business hours, where she greets her customers with a friendly smile and works diligently to complete their requests.

Stardew Valley Robin Home

Robin’s home is located just south of her carpentry shop. It’s a modest house where she lives with her husband Demetrius and their two children, Maru and Sebastian. You can find Robin here in the early mornings and evenings, tending to her family and enjoying some much-needed downtime.

Community Center

Robin is an active member of the Stardew Valley community, and you can often find her at the Community Center. Here, she participates in events and festivals, socializes with her fellow residents, and contributes to the community’s upkeep. Robin’s involvement in community events is a testament to her dedication to her neighbors and her desire to make the valley a better place.

Pelican Town Square

Robin can often be found in Pelican Town Square, which is located in the heart of town. Here, she socializes with her friends and fellow residents, attends events and festivals, and runs errands. Pelican Town Square is a bustling hub of activity, and Robin’s presence adds to its vibrant atmosphere.

The Mines

In addition to her carpentry work, Robin is also an expert miner. She can often be found in the mines, where she searches for valuable resources and minerals. Robin’s mining skills are unmatched in the valley, and she is often sought out for her expertise in this area.

Stardew Valley Robin Gifts


  • Goat Cheese
  • Peach
  • Spaghetti
  • All universal loves


  • All milk
  • All fruit, except for Peach
  • Quartz
  • Hardwood
  • All universal likes

Diskes & Hates

  • Wild Horseradish
  • Holly
  • All universal dislikes, except for Hardwood
  • All universal hates

Stardew Valley Robin Heart Events

Two-Heart Event: The Door

When players reach two hearts with Robin, they will trigger the heart event called “The Door.” In this event, Robin is struggling to fix a door in her house, and she asks the player for assistance. Together, they work on the door, and Robin expresses her appreciation for the player’s help. This event shows Robin’s independent spirit and her willingness to ask for help when she needs it.

Four-Heart Event: The Builder

At four hearts, players can trigger the heart event called “The Builder.” In this event, Robin is impressed by the player’s carpentry skills and asks them to help her with a project. Together, they build a bridge over the river, and Robin expresses her admiration for the player’s craftsmanship. This event highlights Robin’s appreciation for skilled carpentry work and her willingness to collaborate with others.

Six-Heart Event: The Farmhouse

The six-heart event, “The Farmhouse,” finds Robin visiting the player’s farmhouse to help with some repairs. As they work together, Robin shares some personal stories about her family and her past. This event reveals Robin’s nurturing side and her desire to connect with others on a deeper level.

Eight-Heart Event: The Bouquet

The eight-heart event, “The Bouquet,” sees Robin receiving a bouquet of flowers from the player. She’s initially hesitant to accept the gift, but she eventually opens up about her feelings for the player. This event shows Robin’s vulnerability and her willingness to let her guard down with someone she cares about.

Stardew Valley Robin Shop

Robin, the skilled carpenter in Stardew Valley, runs a shop that sells a variety of items related to building and farming. From crafting materials to furniture, Robin’s shop offers a valuable resource to players looking to expand their farms and homes.

Location & Stardew Valley Robin Hours

Robin’s shop is located in the center of Pelican Town, next to the blacksmith. The shop is open from 9 AM to 5 PM on most days, except for Fridays and festival days when it’s closed. Players can visit the shop to purchase items, place orders for furniture or buildings, and view Robin’s current stock.

Crafting Materials

One of the primary items sold at Robin’s shop is crafting materials. Players can purchase wood, stone, and other resources that are essential for building and crafting. These materials can be used to upgrade tools, build fences, and construct new buildings on the player’s farm.


Robin also sells furniture in her shop. From beds and chairs to tables and lamps, players can purchase a variety of items to decorate their homes. Some furniture items have functional uses as well, such as the kitchen counter that allows players to cook meals and the TV that provides entertainment.


Perhaps the most valuable service offered by Robin’s shop is the ability to order buildings. Players can order a variety of structures, including barns, coops, and sheds, as well as upgrades to their existing buildings. These structures provide valuable resources and functionality to players, such as the ability to raise animals or store items.

Stardew Valley Robin Shop Hours

Robin’s shop in Stardew Valley is a valuable resource for players looking to expand their farms and homes. However, it’s important to understand her shop hours in order to ensure you can visit her when she’s open.

  • Regular Shop Hours: Monday to Thursday from 9 AM to 5PM, and Saturday to Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM.
  • Winter Shop Hours: Monday to Thursday from 10 AM to 4 PM, and Saturday to Sunday from 10 AM to 4 PM.
  • Closed on Fridays & Festival Days: Robin’s shop is closed every Friday and on days when festivals take place in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Robin Axe

Acquiring Stardew Valley Robin’s Axe

Players can acquire Robin’s axe by purchasing it from her shop for 2000g. It can be used to chop down trees and break open barrels and crates. Robin’s axe is also one of the few weapons in Stardew Valley that can be used to damage monsters, making it a useful tool for players exploring the mines.

Upgrading Stardew Valley Robin’s Axe

Like other tools in Stardew Valley, Robin’s axe can be upgraded at the blacksmith’s shop. Players can upgrade the axe a total of three times, with each upgrade increasing its effectiveness and durability. The first upgrade costs 500g, 5 copper bars, and requires the player to have a minimum of 2 mining skills. The second upgrade costs 1,000g, 5 iron bars, and requires the player to have a minimum of 6 mining skills. The final upgrade costs 5,000g, 5 gold bars, and requires the player to have a minimum of 9 mining skill.

Using Stardew Valley Robin’s Axe

To use Robin’s axe, players simply need to equip it and then approach a tree or object that can be chopped or broken. Players can hold down the mouse button to charge up a more powerful swing, allowing them to break objects more quickly. Robin’s axe can also be used to clear the large stumps that are found on the player’s farm.

Stardew Valley Robin Lost Axe

How To Find Robin’s Lost Axe

Players can find Robin’s lost axe by completing a quest that is triggered by entering Robin’s shop between 9 AM and 5 PM on a rainy day. Upon entering the shop, Robin will tell the player that she has lost her axe and ask them to help find it. She will give the player a hint that the axe may have been left in the forest.

Players can then head to the Secret Woods, a location that can be found by chopping down the large log near the Carpenter’s Shop, to search for the lost axe. The axe can be found by chopping the large log in the northeast corner of the Secret Woods. The log will reveal a hidden area, and the axe will be lying on the ground next to a tree stump.

Rewards For Finding Robin’s Lost Axe

Once players find Robin’s lost axe, they can return it to her to complete the quest. Robin will be grateful and reward the player with a sum of gold and an increase in friendship points. The amount of gold and friendship points received varies based on the player’s current friendship level with Robin.


Robin Stardew Valley is a valuable character, providing players with essential services such as upgrades, buildings, and items. She has a warm and friendly personality and an intricate relationship with other villagers in the game. Although not a romanceable character, players can still form a meaningful friendship with her. Robin’s impact on the game is undeniable, making her an important figure in the world of Stardew Valley.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I marry Robin in Stardew Valley?

As a non-marriageable character in Stardew Valley, it is not possible to marry Robin. Players can still increase their friendship level with her through gifting and completing quests, but romantic and marital options are not available.

Can Robin get divorced Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley offers players the ability to marry alongside building their farm and community. In a manner similar to real-life marriage, players have the option to divorce in-game. While not ideal, divorces do happen and are okay. Players can make this choice as an active decision in the game.

Does Robin divorce Demetrius?

Robin is divorced from Demetrius and living with Leah, while her sister Veronica helps run the carpentry shop.

Who is Robin’s first husband Stardew?

Robin’s first husband in Stardew Valley is Demetrius. They are initially married and have a daughter named Maru.

Where find Robin Stardew Valley?

You can find Robin in Stardew Valley at her home, which is located at 24 Mountain Road on The Mountain. Robin operates her Carpenter’s Shop from her home. She typically works at her shop from 9 AM to 5 PM every day, except for Tuesdays and part of Fridays

Is Robin a love interest Stardew Valley?

Yes, Robin is one of the available love interests in Stardew Valley. Players have the option to pursue a romantic relationship with Robin by increasing their friendship level with her and giving her gifts. If the player’s relationship with Robin progresses, it can eventually lead to marriage.