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stardew valley PC

App Information:

NameStardew Valley APK
Latest Versionv1.5.6.53
Download Size345 MB
DesignerEric Barone
Sporting PlatformsAndroid, IOS, MacOS & More
GenreRPG & Adventure
ModesSingle & Multiplayer
Initial Release DateFab 26, 2016
File InfoApk
Stardew valley apk pc

Stardew Valley APK PC, the popular farming Role-Playing game, offers players a delightful virtual experience. While it is primarily designed for PC, you can also enjoy on your computer using BlueStacks, an Android emulator. This comprehensive guide will walk you through downloading, installing, and using on PC via BlueStacks. Prepare to embark on a charming farming adventure and explore this emulator’s possibilities. So without any further ado, Let’s start our journey.

What is Stardew Vally APK PC

Beyond farming, Stardew Vally For PC offers a diverse range of gameplay elements. Players can explore the charming town, interact with a cast of unique characters, participate in festivals and events, and even delve into the mysterious depths of the mine. The game also features fishing, crafting, and cooking mechanics, providing additional avenues for play and progression.

Stardew Valley PC

It stands out for its captivating pixel art visuals, enchanting soundtrack, and the freedom it offers players to shape their farm and the surrounding community. With its open-ended play and relaxing atmosphere, the game has garnered a devoted fan base and has become a beloved title in the simulation genre.

Stardew Valley PC Game Features

1. Farming and Crop Management

Players can cultivate farms, plant and harvest crops, and manage the land. This involves tilling the soil, watering crops, and utilizing fertilizers to maximize yields. Different seasons and weather conditions add depth to the farming mechanics.

2. Livestock and Animal Care

Players can raise animals such as cows, chickens, and goats. Caring for the livestock involves feeding, petting, and milking or shearing them for resources. Proper animal care is essential for maximizing productivity.

3. Fishing and Foraging

It offers fishing as an activity, allowing players to cast their lines and catch a wide variety of fish. Additionally, players can forage for wild berries, fruits, and other items in the game’s diverse environments.

4. Crafting and Mining

The game features a crafting system that allows players to create tools, machines, and structures to improve their farm and enhance play. Players can also venture into the mine to gather resources, battle monsters, and discover valuable ores.

5. Relationship Building and Marriage

Interacting with the game’s diverse cast allows players to build relationships. Gifting items, conversing, and participating in events and festivals can lead to friendships, romance, and marriage.

6. Exploration and Community Integration

It offers a vibrant town with various locations to explore, including shops, a museum, and a community center. Engaging with the community through quests, social interactions, and community projects adds depth and immersion to the play.

7. Modding Support With Stardew Valley PC

The PC version has an active modding community, allowing players to enhance their play experience with custom mods. These mods can range from visual and quality-of-life improvements to entirely new play features.

Stardew Valley Free Download PC System Requirements

Operating System

Windows Vista or greater


2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent

Memory (RAM)

You need Minimum 2 GB of RAM


256 MB video, Shader Model 3.0+ 


You need Minimum Version 10 


Minimum 500 MB available space

How To Download Stardew valley APK On PC

  1. First, you must download and install an Android emulator like BlueStacks onto your PC. Once the installation is complete, the BlueStacks home screen will appear as the central hub for your emulator.
  2. It’s worth noting that BlueStacks comes pre-installed with Google Play Store, making it convenient to access a wide range of Android apps.
  3. To find Stardew Valley, use the search bar within the Google Play Store on BlueStacks. Once you locate the game, click the “Install” button to initiate installation.
  4. With the game successfully installed on BlueStacks, you can enjoy playing Stardew Valley on your PC.
  5. By utilizing an Android emulator like BlueStacks, you can transform your computer into a platform for Android gaming, bringing the beloved farming simulation experience of to a larger screen and providing a more immersive gaming environment.

Stardew Valley Latest APK PC Controls

  • WASD: Character movement.
  • Left-click: Interact with objects, people, and menus.
  • Right-click: Perform secondary actions.
  • Right mouse button: Open inventory.
  • Left mouse button: Open crafting menu.
  • E: Open the farm journal or close menus.
  • F: Toggle tools or use secondary tool action.
  • Esc: Open the game menu or close a menu.
  • Spacebar: Perform various actions like picking up items or interacting with tools.
  • Tab: Switch between toolbar tabs in the inventory.
  • Q: Drop the currently selected item.
  • 1-9: Use items assigned to the corresponding hotkey slots.

These are the default controls in Stardew Valley for PC, but players have the option to customize them to their preferences in the game’s settings menu.

Stardew Valley PC Mods

Stardew Valley PC mods are player-created modifications that enhance or modify the game in various ways. Here is a list of some popular types of mods available:

  1. Visual Mods: These mods improve the game’s graphics, adding new textures, visual effects, or enhancing the overall appearance.
  2. Content Mods: These mods introduce new items, crops, animals, buildings, events, or areas to explore, expanding the game’s content.
  3. Gameplay Mods: These mods alter play mechanics, introducing new features, balancing changes, or adjusting difficulty levels.
  4. Quality of Life Mods: These mods enhance convenience and streamline play, providing improvements such as inventory organization, automation, or time-saving tools.
  5. Multiplayer Mods: These mods enhance the multiplayer experience, adding new features or allowing for increased player interaction.
  6. Character Mods: These mods offer new character customization options, including additional clothing, hairstyles, or character portraits.
  7. Music Mods: These mods replace or add new music tracks to the game, providing a fresh audio experience.

Best Tips and Tricks

  1. Plan Your Farm Layout: Take some time to plan the layout of your farm. Consider organizing crops to maximize efficiency and minimize time spent traveling between different areas. Allocate space for barns, coops, and other structures strategically.
  2. Prioritize Community Center Bundles: The Community Center is an important aspect of the game that allows you to restore the town and unlock various rewards. Focus on completing the bundles to earn valuable items and unlock new areas.
  3. Time Management: Stardew Valley operates on a day-and-night cycle, with limited time available daily. Plan your activities accordingly, balancing farming, mining, fishing, and social interactions. Use tools efficiently to save time and energy.
  4. Upgrade Tools: As you progress, upgrade your tools at Clint’s Blacksmith shop. Better tools will help you work more efficiently, saving time and energy.
  5. Explore the Mines: Mining is a valuable activity that provides resources and unlocks new items and upgrades. Delve into the mine, fight monsters, and gather ores for crafting and selling.
  6. Build Relationships: Interact with the diverse characters in Stardew Valley. Building relationships through conversations, gifts, and completing quests can lead to friendships, romance, and unique storylines.
  7. Participate in Festivals: Take advantage of the various festivals and events throughout the year. Participate to earn rewards, socialize with villagers, and experience special activities.
  8. Utilize Crop Rotation: To maximize efficiency and profits, practice crop rotation. Plant different crops each season, taking into account their growth time and market demand.
  9. Invest in Animals: Raising livestock can provide valuable resources like milk, eggs, and wool. Invest in animals and ensure they are well-fed and cared for.
  10. Take Breaks and Enjoy the Farming Game: It offers a relaxed and immersive experience. Take breaks, explore the world, and enjoy the charming atmosphere and engaging play.


In conclusion, playing Stardew Valley on PC offers an immersive and enjoyable farming simulation experience. By utilizing an Android emulator like BlueStacks, you can bring the game to a larger screen and enjoy the convenience of PC gaming. With careful planning, time management, and strategic decision-making, you can create a thriving farm, build relationships with the townsfolk, and explore the vast world of this amazing game. Whether you’re tending to crops, mining for resources, or participating in festivals, the game offers a delightful escape filled with charm and endless possibilities. So, grab your virtual watering can and embark on an unforgettable farming adventure in this game on your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stardew Valley Cross Platform Switch PC?

Yes, It is a cross-platform between Nintendo Switch and PC, enabling players to collaborate and enjoy the game together across both platforms.

Stardew Valley co-op on PC?

It allows multiple players to join and play together on the same farm. Friends collaborate, manage the farm, cultivate crops, raise animals, and explore. They share resources, complete tasks, and engage in activities like fishing and mining. Co-op offers a cooperative and social experience, where friends bond, strategize, and enjoy the game together.

Can xbox and pc play stardew valley together? 

No, Xbox and PC players cannot play together. The cross-platform multiplayer functionality is not supported between Xbox and PC versions of the game.

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