Stardew Valley Marriage Guide: How To Get Married

Stardew Valley Marriage Guide: How To Get Married

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Stardew Valley Marriage

Welcome to the wonderful world of Simulation, Farming and Role-Playing Game, where love blooms and marriage is a cherished milestone. Now players have the opportunity to build deep and meaningful relationships with their favorite characters and eventually tie the knot. From proposing marriage to attending a joyous wedding ceremony, Stardew Valley Marriage offers a unique and rewarding experience for players to embark on a journey of love, companionship, and family life. In this article, we will explore the exciting aspects like proposing marriage, wedding ceremonies, multiplayer marriage, children, and divorce. So grab your bouquet, put on your finest attire, and let’s dive into the enchanting world of Stardew Valley Marriage.

Stardew Valley Marriage General Information

In Stardew Valley, players experience the joy of love and marriage. The protagonist charms their chosen partner with gifts, playful conversations, and deep connections. With each heart event unlocked, the excitement grows. Finally, the day arrives for the protagonist to propose, filled with nervous excitement. The partner’s joyful “Yes!” seals the deal, and a lifelong partnership begins with sparks flying and confetti raining down, creating an unforgettable experience in Stardew Valley marriage.

Stardew Valley Marriage Benefits

  • Farm chores shared, easing workload
  • Spouse gifts useful items for farming and combat
  • Heart meter unlocks special events, deepening relationship
  • Emotional support from spouse during tough times
  • Access to spouse’s unique room for customization
  • Possibility of having children, expanding the family
  • Stardew Valley marriage offers a range of benefits that enrich the player’s journey, making it a worthwhile and fulfilling endeavor.

Stardew Valley Marriage (bachelor and Bachelorettes) Tier List

1. Marriageable Male Candidates (Bachelors)

2. Marriageable Female Candidates (Bachelorettes)

    Stardew Valley Marriage Gifts

    Gifts To Give

    • Bouquet – This is an essential item to propose marriage to a potential spouse.
    • Favorite items – Each bachelor and Bachelorettes has their own unique set of favorite items that they love receiving as gifts.
    • Gems & minerals – Many candidates in Stardew Valley appreciate receiving gems and minerals as gifts. These items are obtainable while mining or purchased from the Museum.
    • Flowers – You can grow flowers like Tulips, Daffodils, and Roses on the farm. You can also find them while foraging in the wild. These flowers are common gifts players can give to various characters in Stardew Valley.
    • Prepared food – Cooking meals using ingredients can be a thoughtful gift for some candidates.
    • Artisan goods – Items produced in the player’s artisan equipment, such as cheese, wine, or mayonnaise, can be valuable and appreciated gifts.
    • Foraged items – Items found in the wild, such as berries, mushrooms, and fruits, are also giftable.
    • Animal products – Eggs, milk, and other animal products from farm animals are giftable to some candidates.
    • Fish – Some candidates enjoy receiving different types of fish as gifts. Players can catch them while fishing in various locations.
    • Rare or special items – Unique or rare items can make impressive gifts for certain candidates.

    Gifts To Avoid

    • Hated items – Each candidate has their own set of items that they dislike or hate. Giving them these items will decrease their affection towards the player.
    • Trash or junk items – Items like driftwood, broken glasses, and soggy newspapers are considered as trash or junk and are generally not appreciated as gifts.
    • Non-preferred items – Certain candidates may not prefer certain items, even if they don’t hate them. As a result, giving these items as gifts may have a minimal impact on their affection.
    • Re-gifted items – Gifting a previously received gift from someone else to your spouse is not well.
    • Spoiled items – Spoiled or rotten items from the farm or other sources are not good gifts and are likely to be dislikes for candidates.
    • Offensive or inappropriate items – Giving offensive, inappropriate, or suggestive items can have a negative impact on the relationship. Avoid doing this.
    • Duplicates – Giving multiple copies of the same item to a candidate is not good job. It will be repetitive or unthoughtful.
    • Expensive or extravagant items – While some marriage candidates may like valuable items, overly expensive or extravagant gifts can be excessive or showy, and may not always be as a loved item.
    • Items related to phobias or dislikes – Some candidates may have specific phobias or dislikes, such as bugs, and giving them related items may decrease their affection towards the player.

    Stardew Valley Marriage Time Limit

    The wedding ceremony in Stardew Valley is scheduled for the morning, exactly 3 days after the player proposes to their chosen partner. For example, if the player proposes on Monday the 1st, the marriage cutscene will take place as soon as they wake up on Thursday the 4th. This adds a sense of anticipation and excitement as players eagerly await their special day. It also allows players to plan ahead, make necessary preparations, and ensure they are ready for the big event. Marriage system creates a realistic and immersive experience, with a specific timeline for the wedding ceremony. It adds an element of time management and planning to the gameplay.

    The Wedding Ceremony

    The wedding ceremony occurs three days after the proposal, typically in the morning. For example, if you propose on Monday the 1st, the marriage cutscene will take place when you wake up on Thursday the 4th. After the ceremony, you and your spouse will appear at the farmhouse at 6 AM, either on the porch or inside the house if the game was restarted or reloaded that day. Your friendship with your spouse can now reach 14 hearts, but it will decrease by 20 points daily if there is no contact between you two.

    The wedding will not happen on a day when another event is scheduled in the town square. In such cases, the wedding will be postponed until a day without any other events. On the day of the wedding, the weather icon changes to a heart between the date and time display. Additionally, the weather will always be sunny on that day, regardless of the Weather Report’s forecast the day before.

    Stardew Valley Marriage Guide

    Marrying in Stardew Valley can be a rewarding and exciting experience. Follow these steps to successfully tie the knot with your beloved:

    • Build a strong relationship: Increase your friendship level with your desired spouse by talking to them daily, giving them gifts they like, and participating in events with them.
    • Upgrade your farmhouse: Upgrade your farmhouse to at least the second level to unlock the ability to propose marriage to a candidate.
    • Purchase a bouquet: Visit Pierre’s General Store and purchase a bouquet for 200g to unlock the ability to propose marriage to a candidate.
    • Propose marriage: Give the bouquet to the candidate once you have a high enough friendship level and have upgraded your farmhouse. This will trigger a special event where you propose marriage.
    • Prepare for the wedding: After the proposal, the wedding ceremony will take place in 3 days. Make sure you have the necessary items, such as a wedding ring and a formal suit or dress.
    • Attend the wedding ceremony: On the day of the wedding, the ceremony will take place in the morning. Attend the ceremony and watch the joyous event unfold.
    • Enjoy married life: Once the wedding is over, you and your spouse will live together in your farmhouse. You can now share a bed, have children, and help each other with farm chores and other activities.

    Please Note: Keep nurturing your relationship with your spouse even after marriage by spending quality time together, giving them gifts, and supporting their interests. Marriage can bring many benefits, including increased farm help, emotional support, and a lifelong partner to share your farm life with.

    Married Life In Stardew Valley

    After a villager becomes a spouse, they will relocate to the farmhouse and their affection level can now reach a maximum of 14 hearts instead of the previous 10. A contented spouse will actively contribute to the farm’s tasks, such as making breakfast, caring for the animals, repairing fences, or tending to the crops. From time to time, they will pleasantly surprise you by redecorating the Farmhouse with new wallpaper, flooring, or adding lovely pieces of furniture. Engaging with your spouse when they have no available dialogue often leads to affectionate embraces. Additionally, specific conditions within the game permit players to have children.

    Marriage removes the previous limit of gifting twice a week, allowing players to gift their spouse more frequently. However, the restriction of once-a-day gifting still applies, so players must be mindful of that.

    Stardew Valley Marriage Chores

    Here are some possible marriage chores in this farming and role-plying game:

    • Feeding and taking care of animals on the farm.
    • Watering crops and tending to the farm fields.
    • Collecting and processing raw materials, such as wood, stone, and ore.
    • Fishing and harvesting fish from ponds or the ocean.
    • Tending to beehives and collecting honey.
    • Taking care of the greenhouse, planting and harvesting crops.
    • Milking cows, shearing sheep, and gathering eggs from chickens.
    • Cooking meals and preparing food for the family.
    • Repairing and maintaining farm buildings, fences, and equipment.
    • Managing farm finances and selling goods at the market or shops.

    Stardew Valley Marriage House

    In Stardew Valley marriage, the couple shares a cozy house. The walls are adorned with personal touches, reflecting the couple’s style. Furniture and decorations are carefully chosen and arranged, creating a warm and inviting home. The spouse contributes to the house’s aesthetics, adding their unique touch. Upgrades can be made, expanding the house and creating more space for activities. The house becomes a sanctuary, a place to rest and rejuvenate after a hard day’s work on the farm. Marriage house becomes a cherished space where love and togetherness flourish, creating a haven for the couple to call their own.

    Stardew Valley Marriage

    Stardew Valley Marriage Jealousy

    Jealousy is a dynamic aspect of marriage, adding complexity to relationships. When players are married, their spouse may experience jealousy if they witness the player giving gifts or showing affection to other marriage candidates. This can result in the spouse becoming upset, with their dialogue and behavior reflecting their jealousy. It’s important for players to be mindful of their actions and considerate of their spouse’s feelings to maintain a healthy and happy marriage. Jealousy adds a realistic and human-like element to relationships, reminding players to prioritize communication and emotional connection with their spouse to avoid potential conflicts and maintain a harmonious marriage in the virtual world.

    Stardew Valley Marriage Amulet

    Marriage is a cherished aspect of gameplay, and the Amulet is a significant symbol of commitment between the player and their spouse. Obtained after a successful proposal with a Mermaid’s Pendant, the Amulet holds deep sentimental value and serves as a reminder of the player’s dedication and love for their in-game partner.

    Unlocking Secrets

    The Amulet also carries a sense of mystery and intrigue, as it unlocks access to the Secret Woods, a hidden and enchanted area. This magical location holds valuable resources, rare mushrooms, and even the adorable Junimos, known to reward players with valuable items. The Amulet serves as a key to unlocking these secrets, adding a sense of adventure to the gameplay experience.

    Practical Benefits

    Beyond its symbolic value, the Amulet also offers practical benefits. The Secret Woods, accessible with the Amulet, provide players with access to valuable resources like hardwood, which is essential for crafting high-level items. It also offers opportunities to collect rare and valuable mushrooms, which can be used for cooking, crafting, and selling for a profit. The Amulet, therefore, serves as a valuable tool for resource gathering and advancing gameplay.

    Sentimental Value

    The Amulet holds deep emotional significance in marriage. It represents the commitment, love, and bond between the player and their spouse, adding an emotional layer to the gameplay experience. Wearing the Amulet serves as a constant reminder of the player’s commitment to their in-game partner, creating a sense of warmth and romance in the virtual world.

    Adding Depth To Gameplay

    The Amulet goes beyond being a mere item in the game and adds depth to the overall gameplay. It enriches the player’s journey by offering a tangible representation of their commitment to their spouse and unlocking new opportunities for exploration and resource gathering. It elevates the storytelling aspect of the game, adding sentimentality and romance to the gameplay experience.

    Stardew Valley Marriage Multiplayer

    The multiplayer mode allows players to experience the charming world of farming alongside up to three other friends. With friends settling into cabins on the farm, teamwork becomes the cornerstone of success. However, multiplayer mode offers an extra layer of excitement: players can marry each other! While marrying NPCs in single-player is straightforward, marrying another player requires a slightly different approach. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know to embark on this heartwarming journey with your friends.

    Multiplayer Stardew Valley Marriage Guide

    In multiplayer mode, there’s no friendship meter next to other players, which means you can marry another player anytime you wish. But before exchanging vows, there’s a unique item you need: the Wedding Ring.

    Crafting The Wedding Ring

    Unlike single-player mode, where players use the Mermaid’s Pendant to propose, in multiplayer, a crafted item called the Wedding Ring is given to the future spouse. To acquire the Wedding Ring recipe, players must buy it from the Traveling Cart, which appears in Cindersap Forest near the Forest Lake, south of Grandpa’s Farm, and west of Marnie’s Ranch on Fridays and Saturdays from 6 AM to 8 PM. The blueprint will be available for purchase for 500g, but do keep in mind that this recipe only shows up when you are in multiplayer mode.

    Materials For Crafting

    To craft the Wedding Ring, you’ll need:

    1. 5 Iridium Bars
    2. 1 Prismatic Shard.

    Players can find Iridium Bars from various sources, including:

    • Slaying purple slimes
    • Iridium bats
    • Shadow shaman
    • Shadow brutes
    • Mining Iridium Nodes
    • Mystic Stones
    • Magma Geodes
    • Omni Geodes.

    As a reward from Skull Cavern treasure rooms, Prismatic Shards can be obtainable in:

    • Mystic Stones
    • Iridium Nodes

    The Proposal & Wedding Ceremony

    Once you have the Wedding Ring, simply gift it to your partner in the game. If they accept, the wedding ceremony will be scheduled three days after the proposal. Be sure to plan ahead to avoid delays due to town square events.

    Benefits of Multiplayer Marriage

    Upon marrying, both partners will immediately receive a Stardrop, which boosts their maximum energy. The Stardrop will appear in a gift box inside their shared home after the wedding. This is a faster way to obtain the Stardrop compared to NPC marriages, where players need to reach 12.5 hearts with their spouses.

    Just like NPC marriages, players can also have children. To have children in multiplayer, players must have the kids’ room upgraded in their home, have only one child or none, and both players must sleep in the same bed. The game will then randomly prompt one player to propose having a child to their partner.

    Gifts & Children

    After marrying another player, the partner will gift you a Stardrop. Additionally, the morning after the wedding, both partners will receive a purple gift box containing a Stardrop each.

    Having children in multiplayer works similarly to NPC marriages. A dialogue box will pop up at night, asking if players want children, but this option will only appear when both players are sleeping in the same bed. Once accepted, the children will appear in the house where both players sleep.

    Children After Stardew Valley Marriage

    Players can embrace the joys of parenthood as they marry and upgrade their Farmhouse to include a nursery and an extra room. Once married, there’s a chance the player’s spouse will inquire about having children. The gender of the first child is unpredictable, and once the first child grows to the Toddler stage, players may have a second child of the opposite gender. Despite never advancing past the Toddler stage, players can engage with their children, observing them play and explore their home. This heartwarming aspect of the game fosters a sense of family, allowing players to nurture their virtual legacy on the farm.

    How To Have Children In Stardew Valley?

    Players have the opportunity to have children through two distinct paths.

    1. Biological
    2. Adoption

    Biological: it requires maintaining a 10-heart relationship with your spouse, having the nursery and crib intact, and being married for at least 7 days. If these conditions are met, there’s a ≈5% chance that your spouse will ask if you want to have a child. If you agree, after 14 days, the baby will be born and appear in the nursery’s crib. Initially, the baby will spend 14 days sleeping in the nursery. Afterward, they will stand in the crib (except when sleeping) for another 14 days, allowing players to play with them. Subsequently, for 28 days, the baby will crawl around the house during the day. Finally, the baby enters the toddler stage for the rest of their life, moving to sleep in one of the nursery beds, freeing the crib for another child (if you don’t already have two children).

    Adoption: It closely parallels having a biological child. To adopt, players must maintain a 10-heart relationship with their spouse, have the nursery and crib undisturbed, and be married for at least 7 days. If these criteria are met, there’s a ≈5% chance that the player will be asked if they want to adopt a child. If they agree, the adoption process takes 14 days. During the wait, the spouse will inform the player that the adoption paperwork has been filed. After 14 days, the child will appear in the middle of the night, along with a note stating that the adoption agency has dropped off the new baby.

    Divorce After Stardew Valley Marriage

    To initiate a divorce, players can visit the Mayor’s Manor, where they’ll find a small book offering them the option to divorce their spouse. The divorce process comes with a cost of 50,000g. Players have until 10 PM when Lewis’ house closes to cancel the divorce after filing. If they don’t cancel in time, the divorce will be finalized, and significant changes will occur.

    After The Divorce

    Once the divorce is finalized, the spouse, their room, and unique outside area will vanish the following morning, and the friendship level will return to 0 hearts. The ex-spouse’s name will now have “(ex)” attached to it. The former spouse will move back to their old residence and have negative interactions with the player, expressing disappointment in the failed marriage. They will refuse any gifts from the player, but the player can still enter their ex-spouse’s bedroom or home, as if they had 2 friendship hearts with them. Any items previously placed in the ex’s room will be collected and placed in a chest the day after the divorce. It’s important to note that divorced spouses will neither attend the player’s wedding nor behave normally during Festivals.

    Erasing Ex-Spouses’ Memories

    In the late game, players can visit the Witch’s Hut to find a shrine that offers to erase all ex-spouses’ memories for an offering of 30,000g. This action will also wipe Krobus’ memory if he was an ex-roommate. Afterward, all ex-spouses will have no memory of the previous marriage, allowing players to date and remarry if they choose. However, it’s worth mentioning that remarrying an ex-spouse will not show the previously seen heart events, as those can only be seen once per save file or once per player in Multiplayer.

    Children After Divorce

    If players have children from their previous marriage, they can choose to ‘turn them into doves’ at the Witch’s Hut in exchange for a Prismatic Shard. This permanent action removes the children from the game, but players can still have more children with another partner if they wish. It’s important to remember that if a divorce is filed and then canceled on the same day, additional children can still be had with the same partner.

    Children Expecting A Child & Divorce

    If a player is expecting a child and decides to get a divorce, the child will not be born or delivered. The divorce will cancel the pregnancy, and no child will be born from that marriage.


    Stardew Valley Marriage offers players the opportunity to build meaningful relationships, experience the joy of marriage, parenthood, and farm life with their virtual spouse. From proposing marriage, attending the wedding ceremony, to sharing a home and farm chores, marriage brings unique benefits and rewards.

    However, it’s important to continue nurturing the relationship even after getting married and approach divorce with care. With its immersive gameplay and engaging relationship mechanics, Marriage adds depth and enjoyment to the overall gaming experience. So, dive into the world of love and companionship and create your own heartwarming story of farm life and wedded bliss.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of marrying in Stardew Valley?

    The benefits of marrying in Stardew Valley are:
    Spouse moves into the farmhouse.
    Spouse’s affection level can reach a maximum of 14 hearts instead of 10.
    A happy spouse actively helps around the farm, performing tasks like making breakfast, feeding animals, repairing fences, or watering crops.

    Which spouse should I marry Stardew Valley?

    The best spouse to marry depends on your personal preferences and the character you connect with the most. However, Leah is the ideal romance partner for players who prioritize personality over in-game benefits.

    Can a girl and a girl get married in Stardew Valley?

    Yeah! Same-sex marriage is possible in this game. Players can marry characters of the same gender as their player character once they reach 10 hearts with a marriageable villager. It allows for girl and girl or boy and boy marriages in the game.

    Do Stardew Valley spouses get jealous?

    Spouses can get jealous if you give gifts to other marriage candidates, with a chance between 20% and 40%. But it depends on your luck. However, giving birthday gifts is safe and won’t trigger jealousy. Delivery quests do not count as gifts in this context.

    Can you date someone while you’re married in Stardew Valley?

    You can date someone while being married. If the person you’re dating is the same gender as your spouse, giving them gifts might make your spouse jealous. Although you’ll still see the bouquet indicating your relationship, the person you’re dating will be listed as single because of your existing marriage.