Stardew Valley Fishing Tackle Bait In Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Fishing Tackle Bait In Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley Fishing Tackle

Step into the world of Stardew Valley, where fishing brings joy and rewards. Fishing tackle is essential for success. Discover spinners, barbed hooks, and bobbers. Use them strategically to catch rare fish and level up. Maximize your fishing experience with the right tools. Learn how to wield fishing tackle effectively. Uncover the best tactics for bountiful catches. Grab your rod, prepare your tackle, and dive into the captivating world of fishing in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Fishing Tackle

Stardew Valley Fish Tackle refers to various tools that can be attached to the Iridium Rod to enhance fishing mechanics. These add-ons aid in catching fish more effectively and make dealing with treasure chests less challenging. They are exclusively compatible with the Iridium Rod or higher-tier upgrades. As a player’s fishing level increases, more tackle crafting recipes become available, offering a cost-effective option.

Stardew Valley Fishing Tackle

Tackles can be obtained by purchasing from Willy’s shop, finding them in treasure chests while fishing, or crafting them. Each piece of tackle has a limited durability of 20 uses, except when catching junk items like Green Algae, White Algae, Seaweed, or Trash. These valuable tools play a significant role in enhancing the fishing experience and optimizing catch rates in the serene world of Stardew Valley.

Types of Stardew Valley Fishing Tackle

1. Barbed Hook

  • Buy for 1,000g from Willy’s or 1,500g to 2,500g at the Traveling Cart (Cindersap Forest).
  • Craft using Copper Bar, Gold Bar, and Iron Bar at Fishing Level 8.
  • Function: Helps the fishing bar cling to fish icons for easier catches.

2. Cork Bobber

  • Purchase for 750g from Willy’s or up to 1,250g from the Traveling Cart.
  • Craft with Hardwood (5), Slime (10), and Wood (10) at Fishing Level 7.
  • Function: Increases fishing bar size by 24 pixels, aiding in catching fish.

3. Curiosity Lure

  • Obtain as a loot drop from monsters or breaking crates in Quarry Mine, Skull Cavern, or Volcano Dungeon.
  • Function: Increases chances of catching rare fishes, including Legendaries.

4. Dressed Spinner

  • Buy for 1,000g from Willy’s or 1,500g to 2,500g from the Traveling Cart.
  • Craft with Cloth (1) and Iron Bar (2) at Fishing Level 8.
  • Function: Increases bite rate, leading to more profitable catches.

5. Lead Bobber

  • Purchase for 200g from Willy’s.
  • Function: Adds weight to Iridium Rod, reducing fishing bar bouncing.

6. Quality Bobber

  • Craft using Copper Bar (1), Sap (20), and Solar Essence (5) after completing “Juicy Bugs Wanted!” quest.
  • Function: Increases fish quality, especially during Good Luck days.

7. Spinner

  • Buy for 500g from Willy’s.
  • Craft with two Iron Bars at Fishing Level 6.
  • Function: Reduces nibble delay by 3.75 seconds, improving fishing efficiency.

8. Trap Bobber

  • Purchase for 500g from Willy’s.
  • Craft with Copper Bar (1) and Sap (10) at Fishing Level 6.
  • Function: Slows down fishing bar decline by 33%, helpful for catching elusive fish.

9. Treasure Hunter

  • Buy for 750g from Willy’s.
  • Craft with two Gold Bars at Fishing Level 7.
  • Function: Increases chance of finding treasures and helps catch Treasure Chests without losing fish.

Stardew Valley Fishing Tackles Details

Barbed HookWorks best on slow, weak fish.Makes the player’s fishing bar “cling” to the fish, automatically going up or down to try to stay on the middle of the fish.Copper Bar (1)
Iron Bar (1)
Gold Bar (1)
Cork BobberSlightly increases the size of your “fishing bar”.The increase of the bar size is a constant 24 pixels.Wood (10)
Hardwood (5)
Slime (10)
Curiosity LureIncreases your chance to catch rare fish.Most useful when trying to catch fish that spawn rarely.N/AN/A
Dressed SpinnerIncreases the bite-rate when fishing.Reduces maximum delay before a nibble by 7.5 seconds.Cloth (1)
Iron Bar (2)
Lead BobberPrevents the “fishing bar” from bouncing along the bottom.Not helpful as it is easy to prevent the bar from bouncing by clicking to slow it down right before it hits the bottom.N/A200g
Quality BobberBoosts the quality of fish that you catch.Increases the quality of the fish caught by one level. An alternative way to catch iridium quality fish, aside from getting a perfect catch.Copper Bar (1)
Sap (20)
Solar Essence (5)
SpinnerSlightly increases the bite-rate when fishing.Reduces maximum delay before a nibble by 3.75 seconds.Iron Bar (2)500g
Trap BobberCauses fish to escape slower when you aren’t reeling them in.The progress bar at the right decreases 33% slower when the fish isn’t within the fishing bar.Copper Bar (1)
Sap (10)
Treasure HunterFish don’t escape while collecting treasures.Increases treasure chance by 5% (20% base chance instead of 15%). While collecting a treasure chest, the progress bar will remain steady if the fish isn’t within the fishing bar.Gold Bar (2)750g

The Best Stardew Valley Fishing Tackle

The best tackle in Stardew Valley is the Trap Bobber, known for its ability to slow down the decrease of the catching bar and its effectiveness in catching Legendary Fish, which can be challenging to reel in. You can obtain the Trap Bobber by purchasing it from Willy’s Fish Shop for 500g or crafting it at level 6. This exceptional tackle reduces the escape rate of fish, making it highly desirable for successful fishing endeavors.

Stardew Valley Fishing Tackle

However, it’s essential to remember that the Trap Bobber is not stackable, and each item takes up valuable inventory space. As you progress in the game, you have the option to upgrade fishing equipment, including fishing poles and reels. If you want to craft the Trap Bobber, you’ll need one copper bar and ten sap. In addition to the Trap Bobber, the Cork Bobber is another valuable option as it slightly increases the size of the fishing bar. Alternatively, the Barbed Hook stands out as the most advanced tackle, with its automatic cling to fish, though it may prove challenging to control manually, especially with slower fish.

Using Fishing Tackle in Stardew Valley

Fishing in Stardew Valley is not only a relaxing activity but also a lucrative one, offering the chance to profit from selling catches and completing the Fishing Collection at the Museum. However, having the right fishing equipment is crucial for successful fishing trips. Here are some tips on maximizing the effectiveness of Stardew Valley Fishing Tackles.

Stardew Valley Fishing Tackle How To Use

Bamboo Pole

  • The Bamboo Pole is the basic fishing rod, perfect for novice anglers. It can be purchased from Willy’s shop for 500 gold.
  • To use the Bamboo Pole, equip it from your inventory, then left-click anywhere in the water to cast your line. Wait for a fish to bite before reeling it in with the left mouse button.
  • It lacks additional features or upgrades, relying solely on the player’s fishing skills.

Fibreglass Rod

  • The Fibreglass Rod is an upgrade from the Bamboo Pole, available at Willy’s shop for 1,800 gold.
  • One significant advantage of the Fibreglass Rod is its ability to use bait and tackle. Bait can be created from Bug Meat or bought from Willy’s shop, while various resources can be used to craft tackle.
  • To use bait, select it from your inventory and attach it to your fishing rod by left-clicking. Different tackle types offer various benefits, so choose wisely based on the species of fish you aim to catch.

Iridium Rod

  • The Iridium Rod is the most powerful fishing rod, available at Willy’s shop for 7,500 gold once you reach Fishing level 6.
  • It allows simultaneous use of both bait and tackle, making it ideal for catching challenging fish like the Legend.
  • It offers increased casting range and a higher chance of catching rare fish species.

Using Stardew Valley Fishing Tackle

  • Tackles (spinners, barbed hooks, and bobbers) can be attached to the fishing rod by picking it up in your inventory and right-clicking or pressing ‘X’ on the Xbox controller.
  • Tackle becomes available at Fishing level 6, and you need the Iridium Fishing Rod, which has slots for both bait and tackle.
  • Each type of tackle has a different effect on catching fish. For example, the Spinner increases bite rate, while the Trap Bobber slows the drop of the fishing minigame bar, making it easier to keep it steady.
  • Remember to consider the species of fish you’re targeting and choose the appropriate bait and tackle for better results.

How to Attach Fishing Tackles To Rod in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley Fishing is a relaxing and rewarding activity, but to make the most of your fishing trips, you’ll need the right fishing tackle. Tackles, such as hooks, spinners, and sinkers, can significantly enhance your fishing abilities . They help you catch rare fish and improve your overall fishing experience. Below is the complete process of attaching a fishing tackle to the rod in Stardew Valley. Moreover, we have some useful tips to maximize your fishing success.

Stardew Valley Fishing Tackle

Obtaining Fishing Tackle Stardew Valley

  • If you don’t have a fishing tackle yet, you can acquire it from various sources in the game.
  • Click on the link provided to learn how to obtain hooks and fishing tackle.

Attaching Stardew Valley Fishing Tackle on PC

  • On the computer, open your inventory screen by clicking on the inventory icon.
  • Left-click or right-click on the fishing tackle you want to attach.
  • After selecting the tackle, right-click on the fishing rod to attach it.

Attaching Stardew Valley Fishing Tackle on Consoles

  • The process for attaching tackle on consoles is similar, with some button variations.
  • Make sure your fishing rod can have attachments before attempting this.
  • Select the hook or tackle attachment you wish to use from your inventory.
  • Hover over the Iridium (or other) rod and press the appropriate button to attach the tackle.

Button Instructions For Different Consoles

  • Nintendo Switch: Hover over the Iridium (or other) rod and press the Y button to attach the tackle.
  • PlayStation 4: Hover over the Iridium (or other) rod and press the SQUARE button to attach the tackle.
  • Xbox: Hover over the fishing rod and press the X button to attach the tackle.

Additional Tips: Some attachments go onto the hook, while others are attached to the rod itself. The Iridium Rod is one of the fishing rods that allow for attaching hooks and tackle.


Mastering the use of Stardew Valley Fishing Tackle can greatly enhance your fishing experience. With a variety of tackles available, such as spinners, barbed hooks, and bobbers, you can tailor your fishing strategy to catch rare fish and increase your chances of success. From the basic Bamboo Pole to the powerful Iridium Rod, each fishing rod offers unique capabilities to aid you in your fishing journey.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned angler, exploring and utilizing the different types of tackle will undoubtedly lead to more rewarding and enjoyable fishing trips in the serene world of Stardew Valley. So, grab your rod, attach your favorite tackle, and cast your line into the tranquil waters, for a bountiful catch awaits! Happy fishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put on a Stardew Valley Fishing Tackle?

To put on a Stardew Valley Fishing Tackle, you need to have an Iridium Rod. Right-click on the tackle in your inventory and then right-click on the Iridium Rod to attach it.

Are fishing tackles worth it Stardew Valley?

Yes, fishing tackles are worth it in Stardew Valley as they can significantly improve your fishing experience. It makes it easier to catch fish and increasing the chances of finding valuable treasures.

What tackle is best for catching difficult fish Stardew?

The Trap Bobber is the best tackle for catching difficult fish in Stardew Valley. It slows down the decrease of the catching bar, making it easier to reel in challenging fish such as Legendary Fish or other elusive species.

Why is the Iridium Rod better?

The Iridium Rod is better in Stardew Valley because it allows you to attach both bait and tackle at the same time, providing more fishing benefits and versatility.

Are spinners worth it Stardew?

Yes, spinners are worth it in Stardew Valley. They are a type of fishing tackle that can be attached to your fishing rod, and they increase the bitrate of fish.