Stardew Valley Fish: Fish Stardew Ultimate Guide

Stardew Valley Fish: Fish Stardew Ultimate Guide

July 21, 2023 0 By S@hib
Stardew Valley Fish

Fishing is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding activities in the beloved farming simulation game, Stardew Valley. As players immerse themselves in the serene countryside life, casting their lines into rivers, lakes, and oceans, they encounter a diverse array of fish species. Each fish comes with its unique characteristics, spawning conditions, and potential uses, adding depth and excitement to the fishing experience. In this article, we will delve into the captivating world of Stardew Valley Fish Ultimate Guide To Fishing in stardew, exploring the various types of fish, their locations, prices, and the fantastic rewards they offer. So grab your fishing rod, and let’s dive into the bountiful waters of Pelican Town.

What Is Stardew Valley Fish?

Fish are crucial aquatic creatures in various bodies of water, playing an essential role in fishing activities and completing Community Center tasks. They exhibit diverse behaviors based on seasonal variations, with different species appearing in specific seasons, influenced by changing weather conditions. The time of day also affects their behavior, as some fish are more active during specific periods. Each location, such as forest lakes, forest rivers, and town rivers, offers unique fishing opportunities with distinct fish species. Legendary fish, rare and unique, present a challenge to experienced anglers and catchable only in specific water tiles.

Fish size is influenced by the fishing zone and level, with a variable called Fish Size determining size variations. Additionally, besides regular fish, players can find items like seaweed, green algae, and white algae, which grant skill XP and have culinary applications in the game.

Stardew Valley Fish Collection

Here is the Fish Chart, arranged alphabetically in a table:

AlbacoreAnchovyAnglerBlobfishBlue Discus
Bluefin TunaBullheadCarpCatfishChub
GhostfishGlacierfishGreen AlgaeHerringIce Pip
HalibutLargemouth BassLava EelLegendLingcod
LobsterMidnight CarpMidnight SquidMutant CarpMussel
PufferfishRainbow TroutRed MulletRed SnapperSandfish
Scorpion CarpSea CucumberSeaweedShadShrimp
Smallmouth BassSnailSpook FishSquidSturgeon
Super CucumberTiger TroutTilapiaVoid SalmonWalleye
White AlgaeWoodskipStingrayLionfishSlimejack

Stardew Valley Fish Types

THE GAME is home to a diverse range of fish types, each offering unique fishing experiences for players. Let’s explore the different categories of fish in Stardew Valley:

Stardew Valley Fish

1. Fishing Pole Fish

These are the most common fish to catch using a fishing pole in various locations such as rivers, lakes, and oceans. They are available year-round and are essential for completing fishing-related tasks.

2. Night Market Fish

Found exclusively during the Night Market event in Winter from the 15th to the 17th, players can catch these fish in the submarine ride. They are also accessible at any time and weather by using Magic Bait in the southwest corner of The Beach.

3. Legendary Fish

Among the most elusive and challenging catches, there are five legendary fish in the game. They can only be caught in specific places and have a crown symbol during the fishing minigame. Each legendary fish is catchable only once per save file, adding a sense of rarity to these prized catches.

4. Legendary Fish II

An extension of the Legendary Fish category, you can catch these five fish during Qi’s Extended Family quest. They share the same locations and difficulty as the original legendary fish but can be caught multiple times during the quest.

5. Crab Pot Fish

Fish caught using crab pots are always of normal quality and worth 5 fishing XP. Some of them, like Crabs, Clams, Cockles, Mussels, and Oysters, can be foraged on the Beach or obtained as drops from specific monsters. These items are valuable for completing the Crab Pot bundle and usable in cooking recipes.

Other Catchable Stardew Valley Fish/

Aside from fish, there are non-junk items players can reel in while fishing, such as Seaweed, Super Cucumber, and Octopus. These items grant 3 fishing XP upon catching and can be useful in cooking recipes. Though not considered actual fish, they contribute to the fishing achievements in the game.

Stardew Valley Fish Locations

  • Variety of Spots: Fish can be caught in oceans, lakes, rivers, and certain underground locations. Some fish require crab pots, while most can be caught with a fishing pole.
  • Time and Season Dependencies: Certain fish spawn only at specific times of the day, during particular seasons, or under specific weather conditions.
  • Record-Keeping & Uses: Upon catching a fish, its name and length are displayed, and players can track their catches and record lengths in the Collections menu. Fish can be used as ingredients in cooking and are essential for restoring the Fish Tank in the Community Center.
  • Fishing Success & Recycling: Some areas have lower rates of fishing success and are more likely to produce trash, which can be recycled into useful items using the Recycling Machine (unlocked at fishing level 4).
  • Magic Bait: All fish can be caught regardless of weather, time, or season using Magic Bait.

Best Stardew Valley Fishing Spots

  • Western Pier Rock: Located on the same pier as Willy’s Fish Shop, this spot guarantees a good catch.
  • Edge of Eastern Pier: Accessible after rebuilding the wooden bridge to the tidal pools, the edge of the Eastern Pier is one of the game’s best fishing locations.
  • Mountain Lake near the Mines: Catch fish before entering the mines at this location for maximum efficiency.
  • Near Leah’s Cabin: This spot also provides good fishing opportunities.

Stardew Valley Fish Behaviour

Fish exhibit five different behavior patterns:

  • Mixed: These fish follow a mixed movement pattern.
  • Smooth: They adopt a smooth, steady movement.
  • Sinker: Certain fish display a faster downward acceleration, making them sinkers.
  • Floater: Conversely, there are fish that showcase a faster upward acceleration, earning them the label of floaters.
  • Dart: The most challenging fish to catch are the ones with dart-like movement, as they unpredictably dart around the fishing bar with a [2 x difficulty]% higher possible amplitude in both directions.

Stardew Valley Fish ID List

Here is the fish name and its corresponding spawn code [Fish IDs] arranged alphabetically in a table:

Fish NameSpawn Code [ID]
Baked Fish[198]
Blue Discus[838]
Dried Starfish[116]
Fish Stew[728]
Fish Taco[213]
Glacierfish Jr.[902]
Ice Pip[161]
Largemouth Bass[136]
Lava Eel[162]
Legend II[900]
Midnight Carp[269]
Midnight Squid[798]
Ms. Angler[899]
Mutant Carp[682]
Radioactive Carp[901]
Rainbow Trout[138]
Red Mullet[146]
Red Snapper[150]
Scorpion Carp[165]
Sea Cucumber[154]
Smallmouth Bass[137]
Son of Crimsonfish[898]
Spook Fish[799]
Super Cucumber[155]
Tiger Trout[699]
Void Salmon[795]

Stardew Valley Fish Prices

Fish can be a valuable source of income for players. Fish Sell Prices can vary depending on the quality of the fish. By catching and selling different types of fish, players can earn gold to fund their farming endeavors and other activities in the game. If you’re looking for a Sta Fish Price List, below is a Fish Template.

Fish NamePrice (Lowest)Price (Medium)Price (Highest)
Ice Pip500g625g750g
King Crab1000g1250g1500g
Lava Eel700g875g1050g
Midnight Carp150g187g225g
Mutant Carp1000g1250g1500g
Red Mullet75g93g112g
Red Snapper50g62g75g
Scorpion Carp150g187g225g
Sea Cucumber75g93g112g
Smallmouth Bass50g62g75g
Super Cucumber250g312g375g
Tiger Trout150g187g225g
Void Salmon150g187g225g

Stardew Valley Fish Bundles

Completing the fish bundles in Stardew Valley will help you remove the boulders from the fish tank, making it look beautiful and shiny. Once you finish all the bundles, you’ll have a satisfying and attractive water tank. However, each bundle presents its own challenges, as some fish can only be caught in certain locations, during specific seasons, or when it’s raining. It adds a fun element to the game as you explore different fishing spots and work towards completing the bundles.

Stardew Valley Fish Bundle Types

  • Crab Pot Bundle
  • Lake Fish Bundle
  • Night Fishing Bundle
  • Ocean Fish Bundle
  • River Fish Bundle
  • Specialty Fish Bundle

Do Seasons & Weather Matter While Fishing In Stardew Valley?

Both seasons and weather conditions have a significant impact on fishing. Here’s how they affect fishing in the game:

Stardew Valley Fish

Seasonal Variations

  • Different fish species appear during specific seasons. Each season introduces new fish and may cause some fish to disappear temporarily.
  • Some fish are exclusively available during certain seasons, so players need to wait for the right time to catch them.
  • As the seasons change, the fish available in the fishing spots also change, adding variety and challenges to fishing throughout the year.

Weather Dependencies

  • Weather conditions play a crucial role in determining which fish are more likely to appear.
  • Certain fish only spawn under specific weather conditions, such as rain or thunderstorms. For example, rainy days might bring unique fish species not found on regular sunny days.
  • Changing weather conditions may influence fish behavior, making them easier or harder to catch depending on the type of fish and the weather.

Stardew Valley Fish By Season

Spring Fishing

The Spring season offers a variety of fish for players to catch. Some of the common fish you can find during Spring include the Anchovy, Carp, Sunfish, and Catfish. Exploring the rivers and lakes during this season presents an excellent opportunity to start building Stardew Valley Fish Collection and complete fishing-related quests.

CatfishPelican Town River and Cindersap Forest River6 AM to 12 AMRain
EelOcean4 PM to 2 AMRain
FlounderOcean6 AM to 8 PMAny
HalibutOcean6 AM to 11 AM
7 PM to 2 AM
SardineOcean6 AM to 7 PMAny
ShadPelican Town and Cindersap Forest9 AM to 2 AMRain
Smallmouth BassRiver in Pelican Town and Cindersap Forest PondAnyAny
SunfishPelican Town River and Cindersap Forest River6 AM to 7 PMSun/Wind

Summer Fishing

During the Summer season, a new set of fish becomes available for players to catch. Some of the fish you can find during this season include the Catfish, Dorado, Red Mullet, and Spook Fish. Explore the lakes, rivers, and oceans to expand your fish collection and make the most of the sunny days for fishing adventures.

CatfishPelican Town River and Cindersap Forest River6 AM to 12 AMRain
DoradoCindersap Forest River6 AM to 7 PMAny
FlounderOcean6 AM to 8 PMAny
HalibutOcean6 AM to 11 AM
7 PM to 2 AM
OctopusOcean6 AM to 1 PMAny
PikePelican Town River and Cindersap Forest RiverAnyAny
PufferfishOcean12 PM to 4 PMSun
Rainbow TroutPelican Town River and Cindersap Forest River6 AM to 7 PMSun
Red MulletOcean6 AM to 7 PMAny
Red SnapperOcean6 AM to 7 PMRain
ShadPelican Town River and Cindersap Forest River9 AM to 2 AMRain
SturgeonMountain Lake6 AM to 7 PMAny
SunfishPelican Town River and Cindersap Forest River6 AM to 7 PMSun/Wind
Super CucumberOcean6 PM to 2 AMAny
TilapiaOcean6 AM to 2 PMAny
TunaOcean6 AM to 7 PMAny

Fall Fishing

In the Fall season of Stardew Valley, a new selection of fish becomes available for players to catch. Some of the fish you can find during this season include the Catfish, Walleye, Carp, and Pike. Explore the lakes and rivers during this time to add more fish to your collection and enjoy the beautiful autumn weather while fishing.

AlbacoreOcean6 AM to 11 AM
6 PM to 2 AM
CatfishPelican Town River and Cindersap Forest River6 AM to 12 AMRain
EelOcean4 PM to 2 AMRain
Midnight CarpMountain Lake and Cindersap Forest Pond10 PM to 2 AMAny
Red SnapperOcean6 AM to 7 PMRain
SalmonPelican Town River and Cindersap Forest River6 AM to 7 PMAny
SardineOcean6 AM to 7 PMAny
Sea CucumberOcean6 AM to 7 PMAny
ShadPelican Town River and Cindersap Forest River9 AM to 2 AMRain
Smallmouth BassPelican Town River and Cindersap Forest RiverAnyAny
Super CucumberOcean6 PM to 2 AMAny
Tiger TroutPelican Town River and Cindersap Forest River6 AM to 7 PMAny
TilapiaOcean6 AM to 2 PMAny
WalleyePelican Town River, Cindersap Forest River, Cindersap Forest Pond, and Mountain Lake12 PM to 2 AMRain

Winter Fishing

In the Winter season, a unique array of fish is available for players to catch. Some of the fish you can find during this season include the Lingcod, Midnight Carp, Squid, and Walleye. Brave the cold and venture to the lakes and ocean during winter to add these special fish to your collection and make the most of the chilly fishing opportunities.

AlbacoreOcean6 AM to 11 AM
6 PM to 2 AM
HalibutOcean6 AM to 11 AM
7 PM to 2 AM
LingcodPelican Town River and Cindersap Forest RiverAnyAny
Midnight CarpMountain Lake and Cindersap Forest Pond10 PM to 2 AMAny
PerchPelican Town River, Cindersap Forest River, Cindersap Forest Pond, and Mountain LakeAnyAny
PikePelican Town, River, Cindersap Forest River, and Cindersap Forest PondAnyAny
Red MulletOcean6 AM to 7 PMAny
Red SnapperOcean6 AM to 7 PMRain (with a Rain Totem)
SardineOcean6 AM to 7 PMAny
Sea CucumberOcean6 AM to 7 PMAny
SquidOcean6 PM to 2 AMAny
SturgeonMountain Lake6 AM to 7 PMAny
Tiger TroutPelican Town River and Cindersap Forest River6 AM to 7 PMAny
TunaOcean6 AM to 7 PMAny
WalleyePelican Town River and Cindersap Forest River12 PM to 2 AMRain (with a Rain Totem)

You Can Catch In Any Season

There are certain fish that can be caught regardless of the season. These “Any Season Fish” include the Herring, Anchovy, Sardine, and Halibut, among others. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, you can find these fish in various locations, providing consistent fishing opportunities throughout the year.

Blue DiscusGinger Island: Pond and RiversAnyAny
BreamPelican Town River and Cindersap Forest River6 PM to 2 AMAny
BullheadMountain LakeAnyAny
CarpMountain Lake, Secret Woods Pond, and The SewersAnyAny
ChubCindersap Forest River and Mountain LakeAnyAny
GhostfishMines – Dropped by GhostsAnyAny
Ice PipRequires Fishing Level 5Mines – Level 60Any
Largemouth BassMountain Lake6 AM to 7 PMAny
Lava EelRequires Fishing Level 7Mines – Level 100Any
LionfishGinger Island: OceanAnyAny
SandfishThe Desert6 AM to 8 PMAny
Scorpion CarpRequires Fishing Level 4The Desert6 AM to 8 PM
SlimejackMutant Bug LairAnyAny
StingrayGinger Island: Pirate CoveAnyAny
StonefishRequires Fishing Level 3Mines – Level 20Any
Void SalmonWitch’s SwampAnyAny
WoodskipSecret Woods PondAnyAny

Stardew Valley Fish Go Bad

Fish do not go bad or spoil over time. Unlike other perishable items in the game, fish remain fresh indefinitely once caught. This means that players can keep their caught fish in their inventory, chest, or even display them in fish tanks without worrying about them rotting or becoming unusable. This lack of spoilage allows players to plan their fishing trips strategically and store fish for future use, whether it’s for completing bundles in the Community Center, cooking recipes, or selling them for profit. So, fishermen and fisherwomen can enjoy their catch without the pressure of a ticking expiration clock, making fishing a more relaxed and enjoyable activity in the game.

Stardew Valley Fish Roe

Fish Roe refers to the eggs produced by fish in Fish Ponds, and they have various uses and values in the game. Let’s explore everything you need to know about fish roe in simple terms.

Varieties of Fish Roe

Each fish’s roe has a different price and color, usually matching the dye color of the fish. Sturgeon Roe stands out with black-colored eggs, which can be used as blue dye in Dye Pots. For fish that do not have a dye color, orange roe is used, which creates orange dye when processed.

How To Get Stardew Valley Fish Roe

To obtain fish roe, build a Pond on your farm using 5,000g, 200 stones, 5 green algae, and 5 seaweeds. Once constructed, place a fish inside the pond, and it will start producing roe over time.

Value & Uses

The selling price of roe depends on the fish’s base sell price. It is calculated as 30 plus half of the base fish sell price, rounded down to the nearest integer. Roe can be sold, placed in the Shipping Bin, or used in a Preserves Jar to create Artisan Goods. Sturgeon Roe is particularly valuable as it can be used to make Caviar, which sells for a high price.

Caviar Market

For a profitable Caviar market, consider using Sturgeons in your Pond. Sturgeons are found in the mountain lake, near the entrance of the mines, and they are available all year round. Caviar is a valuable gift for many characters in the game, except for Jas, Sebastian, and Vincent.

Stardew Valley Fish Roe As Gifting & Selling

Although you can use roe as a gift, NPCs will generally have a neutral reaction to it. However, Sturgeon Roe is more valuable due to its use in making Caviar. Aged Roe is worth twice as much as regular roe, making it a good option for selling.

Stardew Valley Fish Star

In the enchanting world, the shimmering waters hold secrets that few have dared to explore. Among the aquatic denizens, there exists a select group of awe-inspiring creatures known as the Legendary Fish Stars. These elusive beings, adorned with hat during the fishing minigame, are the stuff of legends, captivating the hearts of skilled anglers and adventurous players alike.

Legendary Fish Star: An Extraordinary Rarity

Fish With Star are an exclusive group of five extraordinary fish, each possessing its unique characteristics and elusive nature. They can only be found in specific locations, making the hunt for them an exhilarating challenge. These revered fish wear crowns, symbolizing their legendary status, and can be identified by their majestic presence in the fishing minigame.

Seeking The Legendary: Locations & Seasons

The quest to catch the Legendary Fish Stars demands a keen eye and unwavering determination. Each legendary fish is linked to a specific location, where they reside and challenge anglers with their high difficulty levels. Aspiring fishermen can find hints on the seasons and locations of these elusive creatures in the Lost Book titled “Secrets of the Legendary Fish.” Players must diligently explore these areas during the designated seasons to catch these majestic beings.

The Art of The Catch: A Challenge Worth Pursuing

Catching the Legendary Fish Stars requires more than just fishing skills; it demands a combination of patience, strategy, and a bit of luck. Players need to possess fishing expertise beyond the minimum requirements to hook these elusive creatures successfully. Food bonuses, such as Seafoam Pudding, can be utilized to enhance skills, increasing the chances of a successful catch. Moreover, equipping specialized gear like the Iridium Rod and using Tackles such as the Trap Bobber or Cork Bobber can provide a crucial edge in the pursuit of these legendary fish.

The Quest For Glory: Multiplayer & Save Files

In the multiplayer mode, each player has an opportunity to catch the Legendary Fish Stars once per individual save file. This ensures that every player can share in the excitement of pursuing and catching these magnificent creatures. While the challenge is indeed daunting, the sense of accomplishment and the camaraderie forged during the hunt make it all the more rewarding.

A Quest Unfulfilled: Mr. Qi’s Extended Family

During the “Mr. Qi’s Extended Family” quest, catching the original Legendary Fish Stars becomes impossible. Instead, anglers will encounter a distinct set of legendary fish, known as Legendary Fish II. These fish are associated with the same locations and difficulties as the original Legendary Fish but can be caught multiple times during the active quest.

Stardew Valley Fish Taco

In the quaint town, culinary wonders await at every corner. Among the many mouthwatering dishes, one stands out for its unique flavors and revitalizing properties – the Fish Taco. This scrumptious treat can be found in various in-game stores or cooked up in the comfort of your upgraded farmhouse or cookout kit. Let’s dive into the world of Fish Tacos and explore their tantalizing taste and beneficial effects.

Taco ID

To spawn a Fish Taco in you can use a cheat method involving your character’s name or an animal’s name. First, visit Marnie’s Ranch, buy a chicken, and name it [213] to receive the item. Alternatively, set your character’s name as [213] when creating your world, and certain villagers like Gus at the Stardrop Saloon will give you the Fish Taco when mentioning your name. Keep in mind that this method is a cheat and may impact your gameplay experience.

Where to Get Fish Tacos?

Fish Tacos can be acquired from different sources. You may stumble upon them while browsing the rotating stock at the Stardrop Saloon, where they are occasionally available for 1000g. If you’re lucky, Krobus’ Shop might have them on Saturdays, selling for a range of 50g to 500g. Another option is the Traveling Cart, which offers Fish Tacos for 1500g to 2500g. With these diverse options, satisfying your craving for this delectable dish is never far away.

Health & Energy Regeneration

Fish Tacos serve not only as a delightful treat for your taste buds but also as a nourishing meal that replenishes your health and energy. This revitalizing effect makes them a perfect choice to restore your strength after a long day of farming or adventuring. Furthermore, these savory delights enhance your skills Of Fishing, making them an excellent companion for fishing trips.

Qi Seasoning & Buff Benefits

For an extra boost, consider combining Fish Tacos with Qi Seasoning. This magical combination amplifies their rejuvenation effects by a staggering 80%. As a result, you’ll enjoy +1 on each buff and extend their duration by 50%. With Qi Seasoning in the mix, your Fish Tacos become a true powerhouse of restoration, empowering you to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

Versatility in Use

Fish Tacos have more to offer beyond their delicious taste and nourishing properties. They play a role in crafting the Party Hat (green) when used in the spool of the Sewing Machine. Additionally, they double up as a yellow dye when utilized in dye pots found in Emily’s and Haley’s house at 2 Willow Lane. Moreover, Fish Tacos make for delightful gifts for various NPCs, with Caroline and Gus showing particular fondness for them.

Stardew Valley Fish With A Hat

Legendary Fish are a special type of fish wearing a hat in the fishing minigame. There are five of them in the game, and they are caught in specific places with high difficulty. You can only catch each legendary fish once per save file or once per player in Multiplayer. The Secrets of the Legendary Fish book provides information on the seasons and locations of these unique fish.

Catching them can be challenging, and you may need higher skills To catch a fish or food bonuses like Seafoam Pudding. Using the Iridium Rod and specific tackles like Trap Bobber or Cork Bobber can be helpful. Luck can also play a significant role in catching these elusive fish. Note that you can’t catch legendary fish while Mr. Qi’s Extended Family quest is active; you’ll catch the corresponding Legendary Fish II fish instead.

Stardew Valley Fish Farm

Players have the opportunity to create a fish farm on their property. This fish farm, known as the Pond, is a special type of farm building that allows players to raise and harvest fish. By constructing a Fish Pond, players can place fish inside it, and over time, the fish will produce fish roe, which can be used for various purposes, such as selling, gifting, or creating valuable artisan goods like caviar. The fish farm adds a fun and interactive element to the game, providing players with a new way to engage with fishing and earn additional resources for their farming endeavors.

Stardew Valley Fish On Farm

Farm Ponds are delightful features found on the player’s farm. These serene bodies of water offer unique fishing opportunities and serve various purposes based on the specific farm map. Let’s dive into the details:

Stardew Valley Fish Farm

What Is A Stardew Valley Fish Farm Pond?

A Farm Pond can be found on all farm maps, providing a convenient location to place Crab Pots. These Crab Pots function just like those placed in any other freshwater source, making them an excellent addition for catching a variety of aquatic creatures.

Fish Farm Pond Usage

  • Refilling Watering Cans: Farm Ponds serve as a convenient water source for refilling Watering Cans, making it easier for players to tend to their crops and plants.
  • Irrigating Rice Shoots and Taro Tubers: The Farm Pond can also be used to irrigate Rice Shoots and Taro Tubers, allowing players to grow these crops with ease.

Stardew Valley Fish Farm Pond Fishing on Different Farm Maps

  • Standard Farm: Only trash can be caught when fishing in the pond.
  • Riverland Farm: 70% of the time, players will catch town river fish, which are commonly found in Pelican Town. 30% of the time, players will catch pond fish, which are typically found in the Cindersap Forest pond.
  • Forest Farm: 5% chance (modified by daily Luck) to catch Woodskip. 45% of the time, players will catch pond fish from the Cindersap Forest pond. The remaining instances will yield only trash.
  • Hilltop Farm: 50% chance to catch forest river fish from the Cindersap Forest river. 50% of the time, players will only catch trash.
  • Wilderness Farm: 35% of the time, players will catch lake fish from The Mountain lake. The remaining 65% of the time, only trash can be caught.
  • Four Corners Farm: The large pond in the southwest quadrant offers a 50% chance to catch forest pond fish from the Cindersap Forest pond. The small ponds in the other three quadrants yield only trash.
  • Beach Farm: Only trash can be caught when fishing in either of the two ponds on the Beach Farm.

Stardew Valley Fish Mod

Fishing is not only a fun and relaxing activity but also a great way to earn extra money. Some players enjoy the serene surroundings while others do it for quests or aesthetics. If you’re interested in enhancing your fishing experience, there are various fishing mods available. These mods not only modify the appearance but also improve the overall gameplay convenience. Check out the best fishing mods that can make your fishing adventures even more enjoyable.

Mod NameDescription
Animated FishAdds animated fish to enhance the fishing experience.
AutoFishAutomates the fishing process for a smoother gameplay.
Desert FishingEnhances fishing in the Desert area.
Easier FishingMakes fishing easier with various improvements.
Eidee Easy FishingSimplifies fishing mechanics for a more relaxed play.
Extra Fish InformationProvides additional information about caught fish.
FishMeAdds new fish to the game for more variety.
Fishing AssistantAssists players with fishing-related information.
Fishing Info OverlaysOverlays fishing info for better understanding.
Fishing Made Easy SuiteOffers a comprehensive set of features for easy fishing.
Natural Color – ReshadeEnhances the visual experience of fishing with reshade.
Recatch Legendary FishAllows players to re catch legendary fish.
Realistic FishingAdds realism to the fishing mechanics.
Riverbend Fishing MapProvides a new fishing map in Riverbend.
Simple FishingSimplifies fishing mechanics for a smoother experience.
Skip Fishing MinigameSkips the fishing minigame for convenience.
Smaller PondsReduces the size of ponds for better gameplay.
SvFishingModOffers additional fishing-related features.
Teh’s Fishing OverhaulOverhauls the fishing mechanics for a new experience.
Visible FishMakes fish visible for a more immersive fishing experience.
Water FlowAdds water flow mechanics to fishing spots.
WIP Better Fishing and Beach ForagingImproves fishing and beach foraging mechanics.

Stardew Valley Fish Tank

The Fish Tank is a furniture item that players can obtain by completing one bundle in the Community Center. As they progress and complete more Fish Tank bundles, they will unlock more rewards, such as removing the Glittering Boulder near the Mines entrance and receiving a Copper Pan from Willy. It allows them to collect metal ores and other items from bodies of water.

Stardew Valley Fish Tank

Customization & Decorations

To customize the Fish Tank’s appearance, players can add different items by holding them and right-clicking on the tank. They can also view the items inside or remove them by right-clicking the tank with empty hands. The decorations and stationary animals placed inside the tank are randomly arranged, and players can change their location without removing items by picking up and re-placing the tank.

Swimming Creatures & Animations

The swimming creatures in the Fish Tank have different animations, with some moving their tails or rear parts of their bodies at various speeds while swimming. Eels and Lava Eels undulate up and down like dolphins or whales, Squids and Midnight Squids push with their tentacles, and Stingrays flip their fins up and down while moving their tails.

Fish & Creatures

Players can add fish to the Fish Tank, which can be categorized into swimming fish and bottom creatures. Swimming fish include regular fish types and shrimp, which will swim around in the tank. Bottom creatures remain stationary at the bottom of the tank and can be either moving or stationary.

Completing Stardew Valley Fish Tank Bundles

To complete the Fish Bundles, players need to collect specific fish types from various locations. There are separate bundles for Ocean Fish, River Fish, Lake Fish, Night Fishing, Crab Pot catches, and Specialty Fish. Each Fish Bundle rewards players with useful items, such as bait, the Dressed Spinner, Warp Totem: Beach, Small Glow Ring, Crab Pots, and the Dish o’ The Sea.

The Fun & Rewarding Fish Tank

Players can complete these bundles over time, and as they do so, they’ll witness the removal of the Glittering Boulder, receive the Copper Pan, and earn other rewards. The Fish Tank adds a fun and rewarding aspect to the game, encouraging players to explore different fishing locations and complete the Community Center’s bundles.

Types of Stardew Valley Fish Tanks

There are five types of Fish Tanks available, each with a unique appearance and capacity for holding items:

  • Small Fish Tank
  • Modern Fish Tank
  • Large Fish Tank
  • Deluxe Fish Tank
  • Aquatic Sanctuary

Players can obtain these tanks  from the Fish Shop in exchange for gold, while the Aquatic Sanctuary is exclusive to Qi’s Walnut Room and cannot be found in the Furniture Catalog.

Fish Tank Bundle Guide

The Fish Tank bundles are a rewarding challenge that can enhance your in-game experience. Completing these bundles will not only remove the glittering boulder near the Mines entrance but also beautify your fish tank. However, finding all the required fishes can be frustrating without proper guidance.

Fish Tank Bundle Guide

Fish Tank Bundles

To make completing the Community Center easier, the bundles are divided by room and different goals. The listed items next to each bundle’s name are the rewards you’ll receive after donating every item. With this Fish Tank Bundle guide, you’ll have a much easier time completing the Stardew Valley Fish Tank bundles and enjoy a beautiful and thriving fish tank in your game.

How To Unlock The Community Center

Unlocking the Community Center is simple. Between Spring 5 and onward, walk into town from 8 AM to 1 PM to trigger a cutscene with Lewis, who will ask you to investigate a rat problem in the old building. Inside, you’ll find an old book in a strange language. A visit to the Wizard will allow you to read the book and start donating to the Craft Room Bundle.

Comprehensive Tank Fish Guide For Each Bundle

River Fish Bundle

  • Sunfish: Found in Rivers from 6 AM to 7 PM during Spring and Summer.
  • Catfish: Found in Rivers anytime in Spring and Fall; also in Secret Woods Pond during Summer, but only when raining.
  • Shad: Found in Rivers at any time during Spring, Summer, and Fall; only when raining.
  • Tiger Trout: Found in Rivers from 6 AM to 7 PM in Fall and Winter.

Reward: 30 Bait.

Lake Fish Bundle

  • Largemouth Bass: Found in Lakes from 6 AM to 7 PM during all Seasons.
  • Carp: Found in Lakes any time during Spring, Summer, and Fall.
  • Bullhead: Found in Lakes any time during all Seasons.
  • Sturgeon: Found in Lakes from 6 AM to 7 PM during Summer and Winter.

Reward: Dressed Spinner.

Ocean Fish Bundle

  • Sardine: Found in the Ocean from 6 AM to 7 PM during Spring, Fall, and Winter.
  • Tuna: Found in the Ocean from 6 AM to 7 PM during Summer and Winter.
  • Red Snapper: Found in the Ocean from 6 AM to 7 PM during Summer and Fall; only when raining.
  • Tilapia: Found in the Ocean from 6 AM to 2 PM during Summer and Fall.

Reward: 5 Warp Totem: Beach.

Night Fishing Bundle

  • Walleye: Found in Rivers, Lakes, and the Forest Pond from 12 PM to 2 AM during Fall; only when raining.
  • Bream: Found in the Rivers from 6 PM to 2 AM during all Seasons.
  • Eel: Found in the Ocean from 4 PM to 2 AM during Spring or Fall; only found when raining.

Reward: Small Glow Ring.

Crab Pot Bundle

  • Lobster: Caught in Crab Pots.
  • Crayfish: Caught in Crab Pots.
  • Crab: Caught in the Crab Pots; drops from Rock Crabs in the Mines.
  • Cockle: Caught in the Crab Pots; Beach Foraging.
  • Mussel: Caught in the Crab Pots; Beach Foraging.
  • Shrimp: Caught in the Crab Pots.
  • Snail: Caught in the Crab Pots.
  • Periwinkle: Caught in the Crab Pots.
  • Oyster: Caught in the Crab Pots; Beach Foraging.
  • Clam: Caught in the Crab Pots; Beach Foraging.

Reward: 3 Crab Pots.

Specialty Fish Bundle

  • Pufferfish: Found in the Ocean from 12 PM to 4 PM during Summer.
  • Ghostfish: Found in Ponds in Mines any time during all Seasons; may also be dropped by Ghosts.
  • Sandfish: Found in Pond in the Desert from 6 AM to 10 PM during all Seasons.
  • Woodskip: Found in Secret Woods anytime during all Seasons.

Reward: 5 Dish o’ The Sea.

Stardew Valley Fish Tank Mod

The Stardew Aquarium Mod introduces an exciting new feature to the beloved farming simulation game. With this mod, players can now contribute to a stunning Aquarium by donating fish they catch during their farming adventures. As you generously donate more fish, the Aquarium comes to life with animated displays, creating a mesmerizing spectacle for players to enjoy.

Exploring The Seaside District

The Stardew Aquarium mod doesn’t just stop at the Aquarium itself. It brings a whole new beach area, accessible from the Pelican Town train station. This charming seaside district boasts a large beach, complete with a snack shop and wooden pier. Treat yourself to a delightful ice cream stand and browse the submarine shop, where you can purchase various fishing supplies. And of course, the centerpiece of this seaside paradise is the dazzling Stardew Aquarium.

Prizes For Generous Donations

As you donate fish at the front desk of the Stardew Aquarium, you’ll get exciting prizes for your generosity. With each milestone of fish donations, new purchasable, stock-limited items become available at the submarine shop. From Trout Soup to Lobster Bisque, these unique items can enhance your fishing abilities and enrich your gameplay experience.

Unraveling The Secrets

The Stardew Aquarium mod holds some intriguing secrets for intrepid players. A new catchable legendary fish exclusively in the new beach area, provided you meet specific conditions. Catching this elusive fish offers a chance to unlock a secret room in the museum, adding an element of mystery and excitement to your fishing quests. Additionally, the mod features custom legendary fish masks and a special secret reward from the curator, enticing players to explore and uncover all the mod has to offer.

Customization & Personalization

One of the standout features of the Stardew Aquarium mod is its flexibility. Players have the option to disable or enable animated fish with the CP-A feature, adding a level of customization to their Aquarium. The config.json file in the [CP] Stardew Aquarium folder allows you to fine-tune the mod according to your preferences, ensuring a seamless and personalized gaming experience.

Dive Into The Stardew Aquarium

The Stardew Aquarium mod is a delightful addition to the world of Stardew Valley. With its captivating animated displays, rewarding fish donations, and secrets, it offers a refreshing and enchanting gameplay experience. So, grab your fishing rod and head to the train station to begin your seaside adventure in the Stardew Aquarium. Immerse yourself in the beauty of underwater life and relish the new possibilities this mod brings to the beloved farming game.


Stardew Valley Fish brings a delightful and immersive element to the game, offering players a relaxing and rewarding fishing experience. From the thrill of catching different fish species to the challenge of completing the Fish Tank bundles, this aspect of the game adds depth and excitement. As players explore the waters of Pelican Town, they’ll uncover a variety of fish, each with its own unique characteristics and seasonal availability. The Fish Tank bundles in the Community Center provide a sense of accomplishment and lead to exciting rewards, making the journey all the more fulfilling. So, whether you’re a fishing enthusiast or a newcomer to the waters, Stardew Valley Fish is sure to captivate and entertain players of all kinds. Happy fishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hardest fish to catch in Stardew Valley?

The Glacierfish is one of the hardest challenges for anglers. Capturing this elusive fish demands persistence, as well as a considerable amount of skill and dedication. Successfully reeling in the Glacierfish will undoubtedly involve numerous attempts and a significant level of commitment.

What is the trick to catch fish in Stardew Valley?

The trick to catch fish is to keep the green bar behind the fish and prevent it from reaching the top of the fishing mini-game interface.

Does it matter where you fish in Stardew Valley?

Yes, it matters where you fish. Different fishing locations have different types of fish and varying fish behaviors, making certain fish more likely to appear in specific areas.

What happens when you catch every fish Stardew?

By catching every fish (except for the extended family fish), you will earn the Master Angler achievement. It is a significant milestone on your journey to achieving 100 percent perfection.

Can you put Legendary Fish in the fish pond?

No! You cannot put Legendary Fish in the fish pond.

Can you catch a Legendary Fish more than once?

Yes, you can catch a Legendary Fish more than once. After catching a Legendary Fish for the first time, it will be in your fish collection and count toward the Master Angler achievement.

What to do with Lava Eel Stardew?

The best options for the Lava Eel are selling it for money or placing it in a Fish Pond. In the Fish Pond, it reproduces every 5 days, yielding Roe, and has a chance to produce Gold Ore, Spicy Eels, and Magma Geodes.