Stardew Valley Fish Pond: Complete Guide to Fish Ponds

Stardew Valley Fish Pond: Complete Guide to Fish Ponds

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Stardew Valley Fish Pond

Dear Stardew Valley Players! We are here with a new topic: Stardew Valley Fish Pond. In this fascinating aspect of the game, you’ll discover how to construct and manage a fish pond on your farm. Raise a variety of fish, harvest valuable resources, and watch your pond flourish with life. Get ready to dive into the world of aquaculture and explore the wonders of the Fish Pond in Stardew Valley.

Fish Pond General Information

Fish PondA source to raise fish production in Stardew Valley.
Size5×5 tile space
Materials200 Stone
5 Seaweed
5 Green Algae
Construction Time2 days
Purchase Cost5,000g
CapacityUp to 10 fish (same species)
Species To Be PlacedCoral, Sea Urchins and all fish species except some.
Species To Be AvoidedLegendary
Qi’s Extended Family
Valuable ResourcesChance to produce Roe and random items.
Strategic ManagementPlayers can maximize benefits by managing fish populations.
Fish QualityHarvested fish are regular quality.
VendorPurchased from Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop.

Stardew Valley Fish Pond

The Fish Pond in Stardew Valley is a valuable farm building that can be purchased from Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop. It occupies a 5×5 tile space and takes two days to construct. This versatile pond allows you to raise various fish species, excluding Legendary fish and Qi’s Extended Family. Additionally, Coral and Sea Urchins can be placed in the pond, though they are not technically fish. Each fish pond can hold up to ten fish of the same species, and the fish have a chance to produce valuable resources such as Roe and other random items.Players can strategically manage their fish populations to maximize the benefits of the fish pond.

Stardew Valley Fish Pond

Harvesting fish from the pond does not require the fishing minigame and does not consume bait or tackle. However, the fish produced in the pond are always of regular quality. With careful planning and thoughtful choices, the Stardew Valley Fish Pond can become a lucrative source of income and a delightful addition to your farm.

Types of Stardew Valley Fish Ponds

  • Experience Fish Ponds
  • Multi-Colored Ponds
  • Rare Loot Fish Ponds

Stardew Valley Fish Pond Materials

  • Green Algae (5)
  • Seaweed (5)
  • Stone (200)

These materials are essential to create the foundation of the pond where you can raise various fish species. Once you have gathered the necessary items, head to Robin’s Carpenter Shop to start building your Fish Pond. With the pond in place, you can begin the journey of raising fish and reaping the rewards they produce, such as Roe and other valuable items. Enjoy the passive income and benefits that the Fish Pond brings to your farm.

Stardew Valley Fish Pond Colors

In Stardew Valley, fish ponds can have different colors depending on the type of fish you place in them. Each type of fish produces a unique color that adds visual variety to your farm. Here are the fish pond colors you can find:

  • Blue: Blue fish ponds are created by placing any common fish, such as Carp, in the pond.
  • Green: Green fish ponds are formed when you place algae-producing fish, like Green Algae, in the pond.
  • Orange: Orange fish ponds are the result of adding any orange-colored fish, like Salmon, to the pond.
  • Purple: Placing certain fish with purple hues, such as the Midnight Squid, will create purple fish ponds.
  • Red: Red fish ponds are formed when you place Lava Eels or other red-colored fish in the pond.
  • Yellow: Yellow fish ponds are created by adding any yellow-colored fish, such as the Sunfish, to the pond.

Stardew Valley Fish Pond Cost

  • 5,000g is the cost of a fish pond in Stardew Valley.

In Stardew Valley, constructing a fish pond requires an initial cost of 5,000g. This sum is essential to build the fish pond on your farm, and it serves as an investment for the future benefits it brings. Along with the 5,000g, you will need to gather specific resources, including 200 Stone, 5 Green Algae, and 5 Seaweed. Stone can be obtained by breaking stones on your farm or mining in the Mines. Green Algae can be acquired while fishing from any fishing spot, except for the pond on the Standard Farm. Seaweed, on the other hand, can be found through fishing in the ocean or exploring the tidal pools on The Beach.

Stardew Valley Fishing Pond Loot

In Stardew Valley, Fish Ponds can yield rare and valuable loot, offering players a chance to obtain hard-to-get items without much effort. When you place certain fish in the Fish Pond, they have a chance to produce these rare items over time. Some of the sought-after items that can be obtained from Fish Ponds include:

  • Battery Pack: Useful for crafting various gadgets and machines on your farm, making it a valuable and sought-after item.
  • Cinder Shards: Valuable resources that can be used for crafting and upgrading equipment.
  • Dragon Tooth: A rare and unique item that can be obtained from certain fish ponds, adding a touch of mystique to your collection.
  • Magma Geodes: These geodes have a chance of containing precious resources like Iridium Ore, making them highly valuable to miners.
  • Pearl: A luxurious and valuable item that can be sold for a significant amount of gold or used as a cherished gift for villagers.
  • Prismatic Shards: An extremely rare and valuable item, Prismatic Shards are used for crafting powerful items and can also be gifted to certain villagers for maximum friendship points.

Stardew Valley Fish Pond Best Fish

Fish ponds in Stardew Valley can be a lucrative addition to your farm, providing a steady supply of fish and various valuable items. Choosing the right fish to keep in your fish ponds is essential to maximize profits and benefits. Each fish brings its unique advantages to fish ponds in Stardew Valley. Whether you’re looking for profits, valuable items, or simply want to diversify your fish ponds, consider the characteristics of each fish to make the best choice for your farm. With careful planning and management, you can turn your fish ponds into a profitable and resourceful asset on your Stardew Valley journey. Here are 15 Stardew Valley Fishing Pond Best Fish that are worth considering.

Stardew Valley Fish Pond

Stardew Valley Fishing Pond Guide For The Best Fish


  • Caught using the Submarine at the Night Market.
  • Sells for 500g-1,500g and produces valuable items.

Though not the most attractive fish, Blobfish can be a hidden gem for fish ponds. Aged Blobfish Roe fetches prices comparable to Caviar, and they have a small chance to produce valuable items like Pearls and Warm Totems. Catching Blobfish can be a bit challenging, but their potential rewards make them a great addition to your fish ponds.

Blue Discus

  • Introduced in the Ginger Island update.
  • Reproduces every three days and provides resources.

After the Ginger Island update in version 1.5, Blue Discus becomes available in the same area. They reproduce every three days and can drop a variety of crops and tree seeds, such as Banana Saplings, Mahogany Seeds, and Pineapple Seeds.


  • Catch on the 20th floor of The Mines.
  • Reproduces every three days and yields Ghostfish items.

The Mines’ 20th floor is home to Ghostfish, and they reproduce every three days. While not the most rewarding in terms of item drops, they can still be a reliable source of Ghostfish and related resources.

Ice Pip

  • Found on the 60th floor of The Mines.
  • Produces valuable items like Frozen Geodes and Diamonds.

Found on the 60th floor of The Mines, Ice Pips can drop valuable items like Frozen Geodes and Diamonds. Keeping them in your fish pond can provide you with a steady supply of these precious resources.


  • Exclusive to Ginger Island’s coasts.
  • Easy to catch and reproduces every three days.

Lionfish, exclusive to Ginger Island’s coasts, are easy to catch and reproduce every three days. While they may not sell for a high price, having them in your fish pond can lead to a steady supply of fish and their unique item drops.

Lava Eel

  • Catch on the 100th floor of The Mines.
  • Highly valuable and sells for 700g-2,100g.
  • Produces Roe and Magma Geodes in the chum bucket.

The Lava Eel is a highly valuable fish that sells for a hefty price, ranging from 700g to 2,100g depending on its quality. While it can be challenging to catch, placing one in your fish pond can lead to significant rewards. Lava Eels will produce Roe and Magma Geodes in the chum bucket, making them a profitable choice for fish ponds.

Midnight Squid

  • Exclusive to the Fishing Submarine at the Night Market.
  • Produces Squid Ink and other valuable items.

Available only during the Night Market, catching Midnight Squid can be a unique experience. They reproduce every four days and can drop Squid Ink, making them a valuable addition for ink-related resources.


  • Found on the Beach during Summer and Ginger Island West.
  • Yields 1-10 Omni Geodes with a high daily chance.

Octopuses not only produce roe but also have a 15-16% daily chance to produce 1-10 Omni Geodes. These rainbow-speckled geodes can contain anything from Prismatic Shards to rare artifacts, making Octopuses valuable for collectors and those seeking rare resources. Catch them in the Beach during summer or on Ginger Island West.

Rainbow Trout

  • Commonly found in the River and Mountain Lake during Summer.
  • Multiplies every two days and occasionally drops Prismatic Shards.

Rainbow Trout are common and easy to catch in the River and Mountain Lake during summer. They reproduce every two days and occasionally drop Prismatic Shards, making them a valuable addition to your fish ponds.


  • Catch in the Sewers and keep in the Fish Pond.
  • Reproduces every three days and provides resources.

Keeping Slimejacks in your fish pond can be beneficial due to their ability to drop Slime and other slime-related resources. While they may not sell for a high price, the resources they provide can be valuable for crafting and other purposes.


  • Obtainable at the Night Market using the Submarine.
  • Produces valuable items and treasure chests.

Spookfish are another great option for fish ponds, as they have a chance to drop valuable items like treasure chests. While catching them at the Night Market using the Submarine can be a bit challenging, their potential loot makes them worth considering.


  • Found in Pirate Cove on Ginger Island.
  • Produces various items like Magma Cap, Cinder Shards, and more.

Stingrays offer a variety of valuable items along with their roe. At maximum pond capacity, they can produce Magma Caps, Cinder Shards, Dragon Tooth, and even Battery Packs. While catching them can be a bit tricky, their unique item drops make them worth considering for your fish ponds.


  • Found on the 20th floor of The Mines in Zone 5.
  • Sells for a decent price and reproduces every five days.

Similar to Ghostfish, players can find Stonefish on the 20th floor of The Mines. They reproduce every five days and offer a decent selling price. While they may not provide exceptional item drops, they can still be a reliable choice for fish ponds.


  • Catch in the Mountain Lake during Summer and Winter.
  • Offers Caviar, a premium product worth 500g-700g.

Sturgeons are not only valuable in terms of selling price (up to 600g with the Angler profession) but also because of the unique roe they produce – Sturgeon Roe. This roe can be turned into Caviar, a premium product that sells for 500g base price and up to 700g with the Artisan profession. Keeping Sturgeons in your fish pond can lead to a steady supply of this luxury item.


  • Catch in the Secret Woods and higher Fishing Zones.
  • Reproduces every two days, yielding forest-related resources.

Players can find Woodskip in the Secret Woods and can reproduce every two days. While it may not offer the most valuable items, it can still be a decent addition to your fish ponds, providing you with wood-related resources and tree seeds.

How to Build A Fish Pond in Stardew Valley?

Building a Fish Pond in Stardew Valley is a straightforward yet rewarding endeavor. By collecting the required materials of 200 Stone, 5 Green Algae, 5 Seaweed, and having 5,000g at your disposal, you can easily construct this aquatic habitat on your farm. Once completed, you can populate the pond with various fish, except for Legendary ones, and watch them thrive and multiply. Let’s dive into the simple steps of creating your own flourishing fish pond in the charming world of Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Fish Pond Guide: Pond Building Tips

  • Collect The Necessary Materials: You will need 200 Stone, 5 Green Algae, 5 Seaweed, and 5,000g.
  • Gather Stone: Break stones on your farm, in The Mines, or in Skull Cavern to collect the required 200 Stone.
  • Find Seaweed: Fish in the ocean during any season or explore the tidal pools on The Beach after fixing the broken bridge with 300 pieces of wood.
  • Obtain Green Algae: Fish from any fishing spot, except for the pond on the Standard Farm, or get it as a rare drop from Green Slimes.
  • Visit The Carpenter’s Shop: Head to Robin’s carpentry shop, located west of the Mountain Lake, and open from 9 am to 5 pm on most days.
  • Choose ‘Fish Pond’ From The Construction Menu: Select the fish pond option and decide where you want to place it on your farm. Ensure there’s a clear 5×5 space for the pond.
  • Wait For Construction: It will take three days for Robin to build the fish pond. Utilize this time to catch the fish you plan on breeding.
  • Populate The Pond: Once the pond is complete and you catch a fish, place it in the pond. Note that Legendary fish cannot reside in ponds, but all other species can.
  • Watch Them Reproduce: With at least one fish in the pond (except for Tiger Trout), the fish will start reproducing every few days, increasing the pond’s population.

Stardew Valley Fish Pond Layout

In Stardew Valley, mastering the fish pond layout is crucial for a successful and lucrative farming venture. Constructing the 5×5 fish pond requires strategic planning and thoughtful placement. By choosing the right fish species, managing population capacity, and utilizing upgrades, players can optimize their fish pond’s productivity. Understanding the layout intricacies allows for a harmonious ecosystem, ensuring a steady supply of valuable fish and items. Dive into the world of fish pond management and witness your farm flourish with bountiful aquatic resources.

Fish Pond’s Layout & Designing

  • Choosing A Location: Select a suitable location on your farm for the fish pond. Ensure it is a 5×5 space and clear the area of any obstacles like rocks, debris, or weeds.
  • Building The Pond: To construct the fish pond, you’ll need 5,000g, 200 Stone, 5 Green Algae, and 5 Seaweed. Visit Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop and choose the ‘Fish Pond’ option from the construction menu.
  • Placing Fish: After building the pond, you can start adding fish to it. Purchase fish from Willy’s shop in the Fish Shop or use a fish you’ve caught while fishing.
  • Fish Reproduction: With at least one fish in the pond, they will start reproducing every few days, increasing the pond’s population. Keep an eye on the population to ensure it doesn’t exceed the pond’s capacity.
  • Fish Pond Capacity: Each fish pond has a maximum capacity based on the fish species and pond upgrades. Be mindful not to exceed the limit to maintain a healthy population.
  • Pond Upgrades: As you level up your fishing skill, you can unlock various pond upgrades that offer additional benefits. Choose upgrades wisely to suit your gameplay style.
  • Collecting Pond Produce: Fish ponds may produce items in the chum bucket daily, with different items becoming more likely at higher fish populations. Collect the items by clicking on the fish pond.
  • Maximizing Profits: Some fish, like Lava Eels or Sturgeon, are more profitable for fish ponds due to their high-value produce. Choose fish wisely to maximize profits.
  • Regular Maintenance: Keep an eye on your fish pond regularly. Ensure the pond is clean, and the fish are well-fed to encourage faster reproduction and better produce.

Stardew Valley Fish Pond Update Layout Tips

  • Aging Roe: Some fish produce Roe, which can be aged in a Preserves Jar to create valuable products like Caviar. Consider using Preserves Jars for additional profits.
  • Utilizing Produce: Make use of the produced items wisely. Some items can be sold for a good profit, while others may be valuable for crafting, cooking, or completing quests.
  • Expanding Fish Pond Business: If you have multiple fish ponds, try to diversify the fish species to get a wide range of produce and resources.
  • Maintain Pond Ecosystem: Occasionally, you may receive a request from the fish to add specific items to the pond. Fulfill these requests to keep the pond ecosystem healthy and the fish happy.
  • Changing Pond Colors: The color of the fish pond water can change depending on the fish species you have placed in it. Experiment with different fish combinations to see various colors.
  • Decorations: If you want to enhance the visual appeal of your fish pond, consider adding decorations like fences, lights, or other farm objects around it.

Stardew Valley Fish Pond Reproduction

The fish ponds in Stardew Valley are a valuable farm addition, offering a steady supply of fish and valuable items. To make the most of them, understanding fish pond reproduction is crucial. Master the mechanics to optimize benefits and reap valuable resources from these aquatic habitats.

Stardew Valley Fish Pond Guide on Fish Reproduction

  • Fish Pond Produce: Fish ponds have a chance to produce items in the chum bucket daily. The likelihood of obtaining items increases with higher fish populations. The most common item produced is Roe, but rarer and more valuable items can be obtained at high populations.
  • Collecting Items: To collect the produced items, simply click on the fish pond. However, uncollected items only carry over to the next day if new items are not produced. Otherwise, the new items will replace the uncollected ones. Collecting an item also grants Fishing XP based on the item’s sell price.
  • Chance of Item Production: The base chance of an item being produced ranges from 23% to 95%, depending on the population of the fish pond. Empty ponds never produce items. However, the item-selection process may sometimes result in no item being produced, especially at low populations, which affects the overall daily item chance.
  • Fishing In The Pond: As long as there is at least one fish in the pond, the population will continue to grow up to its current maximum. This allows for an endless supply of that fish species. Players can benefit from an endless supply of fish for recipes like maki rolls and sashimi, as well as obtaining quality fertilizer.
  • Dedicating Fish Ponds: Consider dedicating fish ponds to specific fish species to maximize the production of valuable items and resources. Having a constant supply of certain fish can be beneficial for crafting and cooking recipes that require them.

How To Expand Stardew Valley Fishing Pond: Bonus Guide For You

Understanding Initial Capacity

Fish Ponds in Stardew Valley have limited room initially, depending on the type of fish you put in. Rarer fish like the Sturgeon will have lower initial capacities. The ultimate capacity for any Fish Pond is 10.

Reaching Max Current Capacity

To reach the maximum capacity of your Fish Pond, simply throw fish in until it is full. Once the pond is at its max current capacity for a few days, a yellow exclamation mark will appear over it, indicating the potential for expansion.

Completing Fish Pond Quests

When the exclamation mark appears, interact with the pond to receive a quest from the fish inside. They will ask for a specific material to make their pond feel more like home. Completing this quest will increase the pond’s capacity slightly until it reaches the maximum of 10 fish.

Quest Materials & Difficulties

The materials required for Fish Pond quests can range from simple to expensive, with rarer fish having more troublesome quests. For example, Super Cucumber quests can be worthwhile, as they provide a renewable source of Iridium.

Adding Fish To The Expanded Pond

As the pond’s capacity expands, you need to add more fish to reach the new limit quickly. While fish can reproduce on their own, it takes significantly longer for them to fill the pond. Adding fish manually is more efficient in expanding your Fish Ponds.

Time Frame For Expansion

The spawning frequency of new fish in a Fish Pond varies, taking between two and 15 days for fish to reach the new capacity of their pond without your intervention.

Maximizing Your Fish Pond

By managing your fish population, completing quests, and regularly adding fish to the expanded pond, you can maximize the benefits of your Fish Ponds and create a thriving and profitable aquatic farm on your land.


Stardew Valley Fish Pond is a valuable and rewarding addition to your farm. It allows you to raise various fish and harvest valuable resources, ensuring a steady income and rare items. By strategically managing fish populations and completing quests to expand pond capacity, you can maximize the benefits of your fish ponds. Whether your goal is to earn a profit, collect precious items, or simply enjoy the beauty of a well-maintained pond, Stardew Valley’s Fish Pond offers endless possibilities for exploration and enjoyment. Dive into the world of fish farming and experience the joys of managing your very own fish pond in this beloved game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best thing to put in a Fish Pond Stardew?

The best thing to put in a Fish Pond in Stardew Valley is Sturgeon or Super Cucumbers.

Do fish repopulate in Fish Pond Stardew Valley?

Yes, fish repopulate in the Fish Pond in Stardew Valley, except for Tiger Trout which do not reproduce.

Can you get fish from the pond on your farm Stardew Valley?

No, you cannot catch fish from the fish pond on your farm in Stardew Valley. The fish in the fish pond are there to reproduce and provide resources, but they cannot be caught or used for fishing purposes.

Does it matter what quality fish you put in Pond Stardew Valley?

No, it does not matter what quality of fish you put in the fish pond in Stardew Valley. The fish will always reproduce and produce items at regular quality, regardless of the quality of the fish you initially put in the pond.

Can you put legendary fish in the Fish Pond?

No, you cannot put legendary fish in the Fish Pond in Stardew Valley. Attempting to throw a legendary fish into the pond will prompt a message saying “The [fish] wouldn’t be happy in there.” Legendary fish cannot be placed in the pond or used for fish pond quests.

Why do I keep losing fish in Stardew Valley?

You may be losing fish in Stardew Valley due to various reasons like crowns, lightning storms, and overcapacity. Regularly checking and managing your pond can help prevent these losses.

Can ducks swim in Fish Pond Stardew?

No, ducks cannot swim in the Fish Pond in Stardew Valley. Ducks are primarily kept in coops on the farm and do not have access to the ponds.