Stardew Valley Demetrius

Stardew Valley Demetrius: Know His Likes, Gifts And More

Stardew Valley Demetrius

Stardew Valley Demetrius is one of the many characters players can encounter and befriend in the game. He is a scientist who studies plants and animals and lives in Pelican Town with his wife and daughter. While not a marriageable character, Demetrius offers many benefits to players who befriend him, including gifts, recipes, and discounts on certain items. In this article, we’ll examine Demetrius, his personality and backstory, his daily schedule and routines, and how to befriend him in the game.

Demetrius: Look & Personality

Demetrius is a middle-aged man with short, curly hair and a goatee. He wears a white lab coat and round glasses, giving him a distinctive scientific appearance. Regarding personality, Demetrius is intelligent and curious, always eager to learn and explore new ideas. He can sometimes come across as a bit aloof and distant, but he has a kind heart and is always willing to help those in need. His love of science and nature is evident in his daily routines and interactions, and he takes great pride in his work as a researcher and inventor.

stardew valley Demetrius Family

Demetrius is a scientist in Stardew Valley APK who lives in Pelican Town with his family. His family members play important roles in the game and have their personalities and schedules.

Robin – Wife and Carpenter

Robin is Demetrius’ wife and a skilled carpenter. She works in her shop during the day, selling furniture and upgrades for your farm. She also helps Demetrius with his research and provides support for their family.

Maru – Daughter and Engineer

Maru is Demetrius and Robin’s daughter and a talented engineer. She can be found in her bedroom, tinkering with machines and gadgets, or in her lab in the basement, where she develops new inventions. She is friendly and intelligent, and she loves to talk about science and technology.

Sebastian – Son and Gamer

Sebastian is Demetrius and Robin’s son and an avid gamer. He can be found in his room, playing video games, or working on his computer. He is quiet and introverted but opens up to those who take the time to get to know him.

Family Events and Interactions

You can interact with Demetrius’ family members in various ways throughout the game. For example, you can give them gifts on their birthdays or participate in events with them, such as the Flower Dance or the Feast of the Winter Star. You can also improve your relationship with them by completing quests and helping them with their projects.

stardew valley Demetrius Schedule

Demetrius is a scientist in Stardew Valley who lives in Pelican Town with his family. If you want to interact with him regularly, knowing his schedule is important.

Morning – Family Time and Work

In the morning, Demetrius wakes up early to start his day. He usually spends some time with his family before heading off to work.

Day – Work in the Laboratory

During the day, Demetrius can be found in his laboratory next to his house. He spends most of his time there working on various scientific projects, researching local wildlife, and developing new technologies.

Afternoon – Lunch and Work

In the afternoon, Demetrius takes a break from his work to eat lunch with his family. After lunch, he usually returns to his laboratory to continue his work.

Evening – Family Time and Rest

In the evening, Demetrius returns home to have dinner with his family. Before heading to bed, he spends some time with his wife, Robin, and his children, Maru and Sebastian.

Monday to Wednesday – Work in the Lab

On Monday through Wednesday, Demetrius can be found in his lab, located next to his house. He spends most of his time there on various scientific projects, including researching local wildlife and developing new technologies.

Thursday – Sell Wares in the Town Square

On Thursday, Demetrius can be found in the town square, where he sets up a booth to sell his wares. He usually sells seeds, other farming supplies, and some of his scientific inventions.

Friday – Spend Time with Family

On Friday, Demetrius spends his time at home with his family. He can often play with his children, Maru and Sebastian, or spend time with his wife, Robin.

Saturday and Sunday – Outdoor Activities

On Saturday and Sunday, Demetrius spends his time doing various outdoor activities. He can often be found hiking in the mountains or exploring the local forests, where he continues his research on local wildlife.

stardew valley Demetrius Location

If you want to interact with him, knowing his various locations in the game is important.

His laboratory – Main Location

Demetrius spends most of his time in his laboratory next to his house. You can find him there during the day, working on various scientific projects, researching local wildlife, and developing new technologies.

Town Square – Thursdays Only

On Thursdays, Demetrius sets up a booth in the town square to sell his wares. You can find him there from 12 PM to 5 PM.

His House – Limited Interaction

Demetrius can also be found in his house, but there are limited opportunities for interaction. You can occasionally find him inside, spending time with his family, or walking around his property outside.

Events and Quests – Special Occasions

Demetrius may also appear at various events and quests throughout the game. For example, he can be found at the Flower Dance in the Spring or during the Egg Festival in the Egg Hunt mini-game.

Summertime – Exploring the Outdoors

During the summer, Demetrius may spend more time outdoors, exploring the local forests and mountains. You can sometimes find him near the river or in the woods, studying the local wildlife.

stardew valley Demetrius Gift List


  • Bean Hotpot
  • Ice Cream
  • Rice Pudding
  • Strawberry
  • All the Universal Loves


  • Purple Mushroom
  • All Universal Likes
  • AllEggs (except Void Egg)
  • All Fruit (except Strawberry)


  • Chanterelle
  • Common Mushroom
  • Daffodil
  • Dandelion
  • Hazelnut
  • Leek
  • Morel
  • Snow Yarm
  • Wild Horseradish
  • Winter Root
  • All the Universal Neutrals
  • AllFish (except Carp & Snail)
  • All Milk


  • Quartz
  • All Universal dislikes except Fish


  • Holly
  • All Universal Hates

stardew valley Demetrius Heart Events

Heart events occur when you have a high enough relationship level with a character in Stardew Valley. Here are the heart events for Demetrius.

Two Hearts Event – The Melon Experiment

When you reach two hearts with Demetrius, he’ll ask you to help him with a special experiment involving melons. You’ll need to provide him with a melon and then watch as he tests various fertilizers to see which produces the best results.

Four Hearts Event – The Goldfish

At four hearts, Demetrius will give you a goldfish as a gift. He’ll explain that he’s been studying the local fish populations, and he thought you might appreciate having your own pet fish.

Six Hearts Event – The Cave Expedition

When you reach six hearts with Demetrius, he’ll invite you to join him on an expedition into the local caves. You’ll need to bring a weapon and some food, as you’ll be facing dangerous monsters and exploring unknown territory.

Eight Hearts Event – The Rusty Key

At eight hearts, Demetrius will give you the rusty key to the back room of his laboratory. Inside, you’ll find a strange and mysterious machine that Demetrius has been working on. He’ll ask for your help in getting it to work properly.

Ten Hearts Event – The Proposal

If you reach ten hearts with Demetrius and you’re not already married, he’ll propose to you! He’ll explain that he’s never been good at expressing his feelings, but he’s realized that he can’t imagine his life without you.

stardew valley Demetrius mod

Mods are user-created modifications to the game that add new features, change existing ones, or provide a different gameplay experience. Here are some popular Demetrius mods for Stardew Valley.

Demetrius Dialogue Expansion

This mod adds new dialogue options for Demetrius, giving players more opportunities to learn about his interests and backstory. It also includes new events and cutscenes that delve deeper into his character.

Demetrius Marriage Expansion

For players who want to marry Demetrius, this mod expands on his marriage dialogue and adds new events and interactions for the player and their spouse.

Demetrius Sprites Redrawn

This mod replaces Demetrius’ in-game sprite with a new, hand-drawn version that gives him a more detailed and polished appearance. It’s a great choice for players who want to enhance the game’s visual experience.

Demetrius Science Lab

This mod adds a new location to the game: Demetrius’ science lab. Players can interact with new machinery and conduct experiments alongside Demetrius himself.

Demetrius and Robin Married

For players who want to explore the relationship between Demetrius and Robin, this mod allows the two characters to get married to each other. It also adds new events and dialogue that expand on their relationship.

stardew valley Demetrius cave

Demetrius’ cave is a location in Stardew Valley accessible through a hidden entrance in the lower-left corner of the map. Here’s what you need to know about this unique location.

Unlocking Demetrius’ cave

Players must first befriend Demetrius to at least two hearts to access Demetrius’ cave. He will then send a letter inviting the player to his laboratory, which is located in the north part of the map. Once there, he will give the player a key to unlock the entrance to the cave.

What’s inside the cave?

Inside Demetrius’ cave, players will find various unique items and resources, including ore deposits, geodes, and mushrooms. Additionally, several machines can process these resources, such as the crystalluria and the seed maker.

Importance of the cave

Demetrius’ cave is an important location for players who want to progress in the game, as it provides access to rare resources and items that can be used for crafting and upgrading tools. Additionally, the machines inside the cave can help players process these resources more efficiently, saving time and effort.

Tips for exploring the cave

To make the most of Demetrius’ cave, it’s important to come prepared. Bring a pickaxe to mine ore deposits and a weapon to defend against cave monsters. It’s also a good idea to bring food and healing items to replenish health and energy.

stardew valley Demetrius tomato

Demetrius’ tomato is a unique crop in Stardew Valley that can only be obtained through a special event. Here’s what you need to know about this rare and delicious tomato.

Obtaining Demetrius’ tomato

To obtain Demetrius’ tomato, players must participate in the Stardew Valley Fair, which takes place on the 16th of Fall each year. During the fair, Demetrius will showcase his latest tomato creation, and players can purchase the seeds for 50-star tokens.

Growing Demetrius’ tomato

Demetrius’ tomato can be grown like any other crop in the game, but it has some unique properties. It grows in a single season, takes 11 days to mature, and produces multiple fruits per plant. Additionally, Demetrius’ tomato has a higher selling price than most other crops in the game.

Uses of Demetrius’ tomato

Demetrius’ tomato can be used in several recipes, including tomato soup, which requires one tomato, one onion, and one large milk. It can also be given as a gift to certain characters in the game, such as Demetrius himself, who will be pleased with it.

Importance of Demetrius’ tomato

Demetrius’ tomato is an important crop for players who want to make money and progress in the game. Its high selling price and multiple fruits per plant make it a profitable investment for farmers. Its unique properties and uses make it a valuable addition to any player’s farm.

stardew valley Demetrius mushrooms or bats

In Stardew Valley, Demetrius offers players two options for the cave on their farm: mushrooms or bats. Here’s what you need to know about this decision and its implications.

Choosing Mushrooms

If players choose mushrooms, Demetrius will set up a mushroom cave on their farm. This cave will produce various types of mushrooms every day, which can be sold for a profit or used in various recipes. Additionally, players can use the mushrooms to create mushroom beds, which can be placed on the farm to grow specific types of mushrooms.

Choosing Bats

If players choose bats, Demetrius will set up a bat cave on their farm. This cave will produce regular batches of fruit, which can be sold for a profit or used in various recipes. Additionally, the bats will occasionally leave a special item called a “mysterious note,” which can be used to unlock the secret Pirate’s Cove area in the game.

Decision Implications

The decision to choose mushrooms or bats has several implications for players. Choosing mushrooms is a better option for players who want a steady supply of mushrooms for cooking or selling and those who want to use the mushroom beds. Choosing bats is a better option for players who want a steady supply of fruit for cooking or selling and those who want to unlock the Pirate’s Cove area.

Demetrius’ Role

Demetrius’ role in this decision is important, as he is the one who sets up the cave on the player’s farm. Additionally, his preference for mushrooms or bats may influence players’ decision-making. Demetrius prefers mushrooms, and if players choose mushrooms, he will occasionally give them special mushroom-related gifts.

How To Be Friend With Demetrius?

Building relationships with the residents of Pelican Town is a key aspect of Stardew Valley. Demetrius and his wife, Robin, are two of the many characters players can become friends with. Here’s how to be friends with Demetrius and his wife in the game.


Demetrius is a scientist who studies plants and animals. To befriend him, players can give him gifts he likes, such as melons, gold bars, and batteries. They can also talk to him daily and participate in events he hosts or attends, such as the Luau or the Festival of Ice. Players can also complete their quests, which involve delivering items to them or bringing them samples of certain items.


Robin is a carpenter who creates various items for the player, including farm buildings and furniture. To befriend her, players can give her gifts she likes, such as goat cheese, peaches, and hardwood. They can also talk to her daily and participate in events she hosts or attends, such as the Flower Dance or the Stardew Valley Fair. Players can also complete her quests, which involve gathering resources or completing construction projects.

Friendship Benefits

Befriending Demetrius and Robin has several benefits in the game. They will send the player gifts in the mail, offer discounts on their services, and even give the player recipes for cooking and crafting. Additionally, as the player’s friendship level increases, they will unlock new dialogue options and cutscenes that reveal more about the characters and their backstories.

Marriage Option

If the player chooses to pursue a romantic relationship with Demetrius or Robin, they can eventually marry them. This involves raising their friendship level to a certain point, giving them a bouquet, and completing certain quests. After marriage, the character will move into the player’s farmhouse and offer various benefits, such as cooking meals and occasionally giving the player gifts.


Stardew Valley Demetrius may not be the most popular character, but he offers unique opportunities for players who take the time to befriend him. Whether it’s through sharing his scientific knowledge, offering useful gifts, or even providing discounts at the store, Demetrius has much to offer to those seeking him out. His personal story and relationships with other characters add depth and intrigue to the game’s storyline. So next time you’re wandering through Pelican Town, don’t forget to stop by Demetrius’ house and say hello.

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