Stardew Valley Alex Wiki, Best Gifts, Heart Events And Marriage

Stardew Valley Alex Wiki, Best Gifts, Heart Events And Marriage

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Stardew Valley Alex is a villager in the game. He is one of the eligible bachelors with whom players can pursue a romantic relationship. Alex is a friendly and outgoing person who enjoys sports and outdoor time. His location is in the town square or at the Beach during the day and at the Stardrop Saloon in the evening. This prompt will explore Alex’s personality likes, dislikes, and other useful traits. So be with us and discover the depths of this article.

Stardew Valley Alex Guide

Alex is a character in the game Stardew Valley APK with a unique sprite. He has blonde hair and blue eyes and wears a white tank top and blue shorts. He is often seen jogging around Pelican Town and is passionate about sports. Alex is also known for his confidence and friendly demeanor, making him popular among the villagers.

Basic Information

  • Birthday: Summer 13
  • Clinic Visit: Summer 16
  • Night Market Visit: Winter 17
  • Location: 1 River Road (east of Pierre’s, north of the Saloon)
  • Occupation: Ice Cream Scooper

Stardew Valley Alex Haircut

Alex’s haircut is a unique feature of his character in Stardew Valley. His short, messy brown hair gives him a laid-back, athletic look. The haircut suits his personality as he is an outgoing and active character passionate about sports. The hairstyle also complements his sprite, which portrays him with a confident and cheerful expression. The haircut is one of the defining features of Alex’s appearance, contributing to his charm and likability among players. Shortly, Alex’s haircut is a small but significant detail that adds to the personality and appeal of his character in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Alex Sprite

In Stardew Valley, a sprite is a 2D image representing a game character. The Alex sprite refers specifically to the image that represents the character of Alex. The sprite is used to depict Alex in various locations throughout the game, including in his house, town square, and local sports area. The Alex sprite is designed to be a cheerful, athletic young man with short blonde hair and bright blue eyes. It is an important element of the game’s visual design and helps to bring the character of Alex to life for players.

Stardew Valley Alex Schedule

Alex’s routine can change depending on weather conditions, your relationship status with Hayley, and the current season. Following is a summary of his regular activities, including special weather conditions and irregular scenarios.

  • During Spring, Alex exits his home at 8 am unless it rains. He stands by the tree to the right of his house, playing with his grid ball, and moves towards the left of the fenced-in area in the afternoon.
  • During Summer, he can be found on the Beach in the morning and running the Ice Cream Stand to the left of the museum in the afternoon. On the 16th of Summer, he has an appointment at the clinic.
  • During Winter, he works out at the Spa almost every day. When he is not there, he will be at his house.
  • Alex may randomly spend the day after the Beach Resort on Ginger Island is unlocked. After leaving the Island at 6 pm, Alex will immediately go home to bed. Alex never visits the Resort on Festival days or his checkup day at Harvey’s Clinic.
  • If you’ve married Alex, he’ll move into the farmhouse with you and change his routine accordingly. At 8:30 am, he will leave your farm to visit George and Evelyn in Pelican Town. He stays there till 6 pm, after which he comes back home. Alex will remain inside for the rest of the day and go to sleep at his usual timeframe of 10 pm.

Alex Stardew Valley Gifts

Alex is an athlete and loves healthy food above all. As they say, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, especially with Alex. Ensure you also give Alex Gifts Stardew on his birthday to maximize his heart levels.

1. Stardew Valley Alex Loves

2. Stardew Valley Alex Likes

3. Stardew Valley Alex Neutrals

4. Stardew Valley Alex Dislikes

5. Stardew Valley Alex Hates

6. Stardew Valley Alex’s Favorite Gift

Alex’s favorite gift in Stardew Valley is Salmon Dinner, made using salmon and potato. Giving him this gift will earn the player 75 friendship points. He also likes various other dishes, including complete breakfast, eggs and toast, and pancakes. Regarding gifts that aren’t food, Alex likes many sports-related items, such as a Football or a Hockey Stick. Giving him one of these will earn the player 45 friendship points. Alex also enjoys receiving gifts that remind him of his grandparents, such as a Poppy or a family photo.

7. Best Gifts For Alex Stardew Valley

There are several gift items that players can give to Alex in Stardew Valley to increase his affection. Some of the best gifts for Alex include Salmon Dinner, Complete Breakfast, Hops, Beer, Eggs, and All Universal Loves. Giving him these items will improve his relationship with the player and help players gain access to new dialogue and events with him. It’s important to note that some gifts may be more effective than others, so paying attention to Alex’s reactions and preferences is always a good idea to determine the best gifts to give him.

Stardew Valley Alex Events

Heart Events

Heart events are special interactions and cutscenes that are unique to each character. In Stardew Valley, Alex Heart Events are below that you can experience with him as you reach their specified friendship level.

1. Two Heart Event

Alex’s Two Heart event in Stardew Valley requires you to achieve at least two hearts of friendship with him. Additionally, the cutscene for this event will only trigger if you visit the Beach area located south of Pelican Town on a sunny day of the Summer season. Alex must also be present in the area for this to trigger. The event shows Alex playing with his grid ball on the Beach. Upon seeing you, he chucks the ball towards you – which you fail to catch.

Alex laughs it off and commends you for trying. He then boasts about becoming a professional grid ball player and asks your opinion on his chances of “making it.” You can respond with two choices: telling him you have faith in him or that he’s boastful and arrogant. Both options do not affect your friendship with Alex and only offer different dialogue sequences.

2. Four Heart Event

Alex’s Four Heart event in Stardew Valley requires you to enter the town between 9 am – 4 pm and have at least 4-hearts worth of friendship with him. The event features Alex talking to his dog Dusty while sitting beside the dog pen in front of his home. You walk up to him from the Stardrop Salon, and he asks whether you heard what he was talking about with Dusty. Select two option boxes (neither affects your friendship level).

Regardless of your answer, Alex will continue to tell you about his and Dusty’s hardships. He also reveals personal information about his father being a severe alcoholic who was also abusive. Before the event ends, Alex also tells you a little about his deceased mother and how he lives with his grandparents because of this situation.

3. Five Heart Event

The prerequisites of the Five Heart event include visiting Alex in his home while having a 5-heart friendship level with him. The cutscene showcases Alex staring hard at his bookcase before confessing to you that he’s never read a single book present in it. He further explains his sentiment of how he’ll never be able to become successful if he doesn’t read up and become knowledgeable. The game then presents you with three dialogue boxes to choose from.

You’ll either have your friendship points with him unchanged or gain/lose 50, depending upon your answer. Depending on your answer, you’ll also be shown a different dialogue from Alex. In the end, Alex becomes motivated to achieve his dreams and offers you to have dinner with him while discussing important things like “philosophy.” 

4. Six & Eight Heart Events

His Six Heart event triggers if you enter his house while having a 6-heart friendship level with him. The cutscene showcases Alex being disappointed in himself and contemplating whether he can become a professional athlete one day. Alex also apologizes for being boastful and arrogant when you first met him. Before the event ends, you provide him with some reassurance that motivates him in his objectives. His Eight Heart event is accessible after reaching 8-hearts of friendship and visiting the Beach or the Ginger Island Resort. Both scenarios require Alex to be present in the area, and either can be used to trigger the event.

The event features Alex crying on the Beach. Upon inquiring, he tells you it’s his mother’s 12th death anniversary. Alex then pulls out and plays a music box given to him by his mother when he was young. This activates a cutscene showing a vision of Clara, Alex’s mother, caring for Alex as a child. Before leaving for Pelican Town, you’ll have to choose between 4 dialogue options to tell Alex what you’re thinking. None of these affect your friendship level and only offer different dialogue outcomes.

5. Ten Heart Event

The Ten Heart event triggers if you enter the Salon between 7 pm to 10 pm after receiving a letter from Alex instructing you to meet him. The cutscene for the event features both of you having dinner in the Stardrop Salon, with Emily and Gus serving you food and playing the violin. Alex confesses his love for you, and you’re given the option to select your response. You can either reply by reciprocating Alex’s feelings or rejecting them. Even though both options feature different outcomes, your friendship with Alex remains unaffected by your final decision. 

6. Fourteen Heart Event

The Fourteen Heart Event is the last possible one for Alex in Stardew Valley and has the most stringent requirements of all. Your current game year has to be greater than 2, the present day cannot be Sunday, and you must have 5,000g available in your wallet as a prerequisite. The event also has two separate parts for it to be considered complete.

Festival Events

  • Egg Festival: Participates in the egg hunt.
  • Luau: Attends the beach party and taste tests the food.
  • Dance of the Moonlight Jellies: Attends the festival on the Beach.

Other Events

  • Community Center bundle: Alex is one of the villagers who may request items for the Community Center bundles.
  • Ice Fishing Contest: Competes in the ice fishing contest during Winter. Alex explains that even though he couldn’t achieve his dream of becoming a professional grid ball player, this is a great way to cope. All other characters in the room comment about how this was an excellent investment and that it’ll become a new tradition to look forward to.

Stardew Valley Alex Cutscenes

Alex has several heart events in Stardew Valley as the player raises their friendship level with him. At two hearts, he will mail the player a recipe. And At four hearts, he invites the player to a beach party with him and his friends. At six hearts, the player finds Alex fishing on the Beach, and he will teach the player how to Stardew Valley Fish. Alex invites the player to exercise with him at eight hearts in his room. And at ten hearts, he invites the player to his grandparents’ home to have a meal with them.

How To Romance Alex Stardew Valley?

  • Talk to Alex daily and give him gifts he likes.
  • Attend all his events, such as his birthday, to increase your relationship points with him.
  • Give him items from the Spa, as he enjoys the health and wellness lifestyle.
  • Participate in his activities, such as working out at the gym and playing sports, to show interest in his hobbies.
  • Visit him in his room during the evenings to trigger heart-to-heart conversations.
  • Give him a bouquet when your relationship level reaches eight hearts to start dating.
  • Keep giving him gifts, completing his requests, and participating in events to build a stronger relationship and trigger his heart events.
  • Once you have reached ten hearts with him, propose to him with a Mermaid’s Pendant.

Stardew Valley Alex & Haley

In Stardew Valley, Alex and Haley are both villagers who live in Pelican Town. They are both eligible bachelors/bachelorettes and have a friendly rivalry. Alex is known for his love for sports and fitness, while Haley is interested in fashion and photography. Players can choose to pursue a romantic relationship with either character, but they must compete with each other for their affection. Despite their differences, Alex and Haley often hang out together around town.

Stardew Valley Alex X Farmer

Alex x Farmer is a romantic pairing in Stardew Valley between the player character (the Farmer) and Alex. Players can develop romantic relationships with various characters, including Alex. As the player character, known as the Farmer, players can pursue a romantic relationship with Alex through gifts, conversations, and completing his heart events. Once players have successfully wooed Alex, they can enter a romantic relationship and marry him. This adds a new dimension to the gameplay, as players can build a life and family with their chosen partner.


In Stardew Valley, Alex’s journey is one of personal growth, resilience, and fulfillment. From a self-centered jock to a compassionate and supportive friend, Alex undergoes a profound transformation. Through hard work and perseverance, he not only excels in his athletic pursuits but also learns the value of meaningful relationships and emotional well-being. As the seasons pass, Stardew Alex becomes an integral part of the community, offering encouragement to others and cherishing the bonds he has formed. With a newfound appreciation for the simpler joys of life and a heart full of gratitude, Alex’s story in Stardew Valley serves as a reminder that personal growth and genuine connections can bring immense happiness and contentment.


Where is Alex Stardew Valley?

Alex Stardew is findable, living in his grandparents’ home to the far right of the town square. His house is on the far right, past the community center. You can also find him working out in the open field, playing with the other villagers in town or at the Beach, especially in the summer.

What to gift Alex Stardew Valley?

Some good gift options for Alex in Stardew Valley include eggs, mayonnaise, salmonberries, a complete breakfast, and minerals such as topaz, quartz, and emerald. Additionally, giving him items related to his interests, like fishing, sports, and fitness equipment, can earn you friendship points.

What does Alex like in Stardew Valley?

Alex loves two things in Stardew Valley: sports (especially gridball) and the beach. You can find him hanging out at the beach most mornings in the summer, or working at the ice cream stand in the afternoon.